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Marantz offers at HiFiMART.com
  1. V

    SOLD Dynaudio Emit20 speakers 35k (80k MRP)

    The Emit20 have to go to make space for my new ATCs. https://hifimart.com/product/dynaudio-emit-m20-speaker-pair/ Unlike older and higher tier Dynaudio models, the Emit does not require a hefty amp. Happily works with decent budget amps like Marantz PM5005 6006 series etc in small and medium...
  2. V

    For Sale DynaudioEmitM20 bookshelf speakers

    I have 3 other higher end speaker systems (Harbeth, Spendor, Genelec) that I use for regular listening. So the Emits don't get much use. The Emits have won many 1000 USD bookshelf speaker shootouts. https://www.whathifi.com/dynaudio/emit-m20/review...
  3. V

    For Sale Dynaudio Emit M20 bookshelf speakers (Sale Withdrawn)

    Selling the Dynaudio Emit m20 I purchased from FM Flux a few days ago. Sell currently for new on Hifimart for 80k INR. Comes with the box and packing. Top left corner has slight cosmetic damage as shown in the third pic. Functionally 10/10. No issues at all. Welcome to audition briefly...
  4. A

    My New setup Dynaudio m20 with Peeceebee V4h

    Finally, I managed to get stereo setup done for my living room with following components : Dynaudio emit M20 Peeceebee V4h Audio-gd nfb 11 Allo usbridge Here are some pics Placement of speakers is not ideal but that's the only space that's safe from kids maid. Can't put on stands because of...
  5. anirudhchandrashekar

    If you had to pick between these brands for floorstanders

    If you had to pick between these brands for floorstanders, what order of preference would you go with? I will be happy to listen to your personal preferences. 1. Dynaudio 2. PSB 3. Totem What order would you go with and pick? And why?
  6. preth30

    For Sale Dynaudio Audience 40 in good condition

    Selling my Dynaudio Audience 40 which is in very good condition, and sound.......of course, its Dynaudio. Selling because I don't have a good amp worth connecting to a Dynaudio. It is a very musical speaker, but a bit power hungry since it is 89db efficiency, typical of high end speakers...
  7. S

    Any Dynaudio Emit or DM owners here? OPINION

    Hi Friends, Just few queries before my friend and i make our decision on this. Amp, source suggestions, Other comparisons, Opinions. My past: i have had TSi200, RTiA3 & A5, Q300, PSB B6, DALI Z3 with Marantz, Denon, NAD amps.. now I AM REBUILDING MY STEREO:licklips: Anyone out here could you...
  8. A

    Looking for a compatible Power Amplifier

    Hi, I have Dynaudio emit 20's Bookshelf speakers and am looking to buy a compatible amplifier. Budget is around 60k.. Plan is to use it with my Audiolab Qdac hence am looking for a Poweramp instead of an integrated Amp. Looking forward for some inputs from the gurus :):) thank you
  9. R

    would love to still use Nordost for Dynaudio

    I was previously using Nordost cables with my Dynaudio audience 82 speakers However i recently bought a used older Classe amp and this amp does not have banana plugs. Also space constraints have forced me to keep the amp closer to one speaker than the other and the further speaker is now too...
  10. S

    Prices of amp & speakers in Mumbai

    Hi - This is my 2nd post here. I'm trying to set up my first hi-fi system. I am not sure if the prices dealers are quoting make sense. I'll be playing music 90% of the time. The input would be from a CD player - a Yamaha BD S667. Lakozy - NAD C356BEE with built in DAC - Rs 65,000 paired...
  11. J

    Current setup - Lampizator, Zypher Labs, Dynaudio

    Thought I'd put an update here on how the system has changed over the past year or so. I had posted a few months back about downsizing the system and packing up the Rethm gear here: http://www.hifivision.com/my-audio-video-setup/37728-going-reverse-while.html . After that I had set up a simple...
  12. K

    For Sale Dynaudio X12

    Hi All, I have finally decided to part with my beloved dynaudio X12 speakers. Condition :8.5/10 (has normal usage scratches as indicated in the picture) Functionality -10/10 Reason for Sale -Upgrade ..... Current Price -75K Asking Price -45 K or best offer
  13. R

    dynaudio excite 12 what amp/dac?

    hey folks, i am planing on buying a system that consist a pair of bookshelf with sub, a stereo amplifier (pre out is a must) and a dac as my main source will be my computer. my total budget is around 3k/3.5k in US dollars. right! saying so, let me tell you my location first. i live in...
  14. R

    Rotels driving Dynaudio?

    Hi, In my continuing quest to find suitable amplification for Dynaudio Audience speakers I was recommended to check out the Rotel 1572 and 1550 together. Has anyone heard Rotel's combined with Dynaudio, particularly these two models? In my experience thus far I have never heard a Class D...
  15. W

    Hifi Setup Advice Needed

    Hello Folks, I'm looking to set up my first hifi. I've short-listed a few, based on reviews and forums, please provide your guidance. Amplifiers (prices in SGD): Marantz PM6003 380/- Marantz PM8003 680/- Rotel RA-1062 880/- Rotel RA-04se 440/- CDP Marantz...
  16. M

    Speaker Burn-In Tips

    Hi guys, this is a lil posting that I wanted to make for all the noobs on the forum. Its also like a lil refresher for some of us old hands. @ the old hands: guys do chip in if you feel I have missed something. This is the way I have burnt-in my previous speakers (and am following much...