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Home Theatre Systems
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    Energy RC Micro 5.0 for 10.5K on ebay

    Hi, I found this would great deal, getting energy micro 5.0 speakers for 10,651 inclusive of all taxes Klipsch Energy RC Micro 5.0 Home Theater System(Rs. 10,651)
  2. G

    Sony LCD from ebay/ grey market

    Hi All, I need suggestion from you people for buying Sony LCD TV. I found significant price diff between showroom price and ebay price for Sony LCD 32 and 40 ex400 series. provided with bill and one year seller's warranty. Is it ok to buy from ebay and are these genuine Sony products. Your...
  3. L

    EBay 300W LME49810 + 5x c5200/a1943 board

    Has anybody bought and tried these Yuanjing 300W LME49810 + 5x 2sc5200/2sa1943 monoblocks yet? The Natsemi LME49810 chip is the successor to the LM4702, and has vanishingly small distortion with the right kind of output BJTs. At the moment, it's hard to beat the Toshiba 2sc5200/2sa1943 pair for...
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    Need some advice regarding custom duty (when shipping from ebay China seller)

    Hi, I recently won an ebay bid on a Qinpu A3 amplifier for $108 + $48 shipping (Approx Rs 7150). It's a great deal considering the same is available in India for 11k odd. I'm concerned the customs might slap a very high duty on it due to limited knowledge of Qinpu product. Does anyone have...