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Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. Black_Hawk

    Edifier S1000DB Question

    Anyone here using the Edifier S1000DB? Edifier S1000DB Active Bookshelf Speakers Reviews are really good on these (read a number of them on the internet) and most people seem to love them for their clean, natural sound. If anyone has them here, would like to hear their feedback as well.
  2. swamytk

    A noob's review of Edifier R1280DB active speaker

    I use Edifier R1280DB active speaker for last three weeks. Being a noob it is my first good quality speaker. It is damn good upgrade from my earlier PC speaker setup. Better than my Philips Sound bar. It is very detailed and bass is enough for this size of speaker. First time I heard many new...
  3. avinandan012

    Edifier pulled out of India?

    Did edifier completely pulled out of India? Not able to see any desktop speakers of edifier anywhere(online/offline). Any idea what happened?
  4. M

    Edifier S2000 Pro availability in India

    Hey Guys, I am looking to make my first purchase of Speakers. So I decided on Edifier S2000 Pro for now! Does anyone knows any retailers in India selling Edifier Speakers? Hari
  5. Black_Hawk

    Edifier C2 or C3?

    Hello, I was looking to buy a set of 2.1 speakers mainly for music. I have zeroed in on the Edifier C2 or the Edifier C3 but the thing is I will be using a spare phone (the Samsung GT-S8500 Wave) to stream my music onto the speakers. In this case which will be a better option to go for, the...
  6. A

    Soundbar (JBL SB 100) Suggestion

    I am thinking on buying JBL SB100 It has subwoofer out, which i am planning to use yamaha sw012 Total Costing 16000/- Is it a good buy or any better suggestion than above setup
  7. B

    For Sale Edifier M3300 2.1 Speakers

    Edifier M3300 2.1 channel speakers -With Bill and 7 and a half Months warranty remaining(completely filled Warranty Card , Signed and Stamped by dealer) - Scratchless Piano Black plastic on the speakers, cling film still attached :p - 4 and half months sparingly used. Features - Sleek and...
  8. S

    Edifier DA5000 PRO feedback

    Hi Guys I am planning to buy new 5.1 system for my PC and Edifier DA5000 PRO is my one of the option, so I would like to hear your experience with this system. I heard that its underpowered I mean satelites quality is good but center channel is not up to the mark. So looking forward...