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Castle Knight 2 Speakers
  1. L

    Entry level budget bookshelf speakers

    Hi I own a pioneer vsx 323k receiver and I'm looking out to upgrade the default speakers. I've shortlisted down to - JBL Stage A130 - Elac Debut 2.0 B5.2 - Mission LX-2 Budget below INR30k Utilizing for - 60%music rest movies/tv shows Unfortunately due to the lockdown I'm unable to...
  2. S

    Looking for used Elac Centre Speaker

    Hi, I am Sana, I am new here. Gald to be a part of the HiFiVision community. I’ve a Denon 1600 AVR and Elac DB62 and a pair of Polk Subs. Was planning to stick on to this 2.2 setup due space constraints. In a couple of years, I am planning to use the Elac for surround and go for Tower and...
  3. S

    Sondoyne PMR 100

    Looking for any user reviews on Sonodyne PMR100. Have not found much on the internet but wanted to understand how they would stack up against an Elac Debut 6.2 bookshelf + Denon 600NE amp. Also how would the PMR 100 perform for listening to stereo sound on Apple Music if I am looking at...
  4. H

    For Sale Elac B6 bookshelf

    Since I'm relocating , I have to sell these ELAC B6 speakers and stands which are solid performers and you can check the reviews. Condition 9/10 visually Functional. 10/10 Usage: 2.5+ years Ownership: received from friend when he left india last year Orginal box.: Yes Bill. Available I have...
  5. T

    Looking for budget Home theatre in 30k

    I am looking for a budget HT under 30k. Use as below- 1. Normal watching (Sports + Serials on tv) - 65% 2. Movies - 35% 3. Music - Adhoc (but sound quality is a priority) - can be played through BT or TV channel. I read on this forum that Wharfedale Moviestar MS-100 are great but found no...
  6. bigron

    For Sale Elac Uni-Fi UB5 Bookshelf 3 Way Speakers

    Hello Folks, : Putting on sale my few months old Elac Uni-Fi UB 5, 3 way book shelf speakers. I had these on sale earlier but had to withdraw it due to my non availability.Now I am back in town hence the renewed sale post. : These Andrew James speakers have garnered rave reviews all over the...
  7. Rajeshh

    For Sale ELAC Discovery DS-S101-G Music Server + QED Performance RCA

    This is one of the best Music Servers available at its price point. The ELAC Discovery is a true plug & play device, all that is needed is to plug in the ethernet cable and you can enjoy music, controlled from any Mobile Device or computer. The Discovery Server runs Roon Essentials. The UI &...
  8. Rajeshh

    Speaker Auditions - Elac Adante, Kef Q950

    My friend who's been keen to upgrade from his ELAC UB5 speakers to the ELAC Adante, get a call from the dealer saying that they have finally received stock of the Adante. This mandates a trip to Adelphi, the Hifi Mecca of Singapore, the speakers are fresh of out the box and hardly have an hour...
  9. sonosphere

    Initial Impressions - Elac Adante AF-61 Floor Standing Speaker

    Background >> http://www.hifivision.com/av-lounge/68183-treat-pune-audiophiles-12-14-october-2017-conrad.html#post750102 Acoustics of a medium sized hotel room is not the best place for demo of a large Floor Standing speaker, however practical considerations lead to most demos across the...
  10. S

    Intro and hep in puchasing a 5.1 setup

    Hi everyone, I have been a silent follower of this forum for quite sometime now and the time has come for me to break the ice and make my post. I am settled in Bangalore, been with the IT industry with a while now. A major movie buff and music listener. Currently all my movies are played on...
  11. R


    Hello, I am using Yamaha RX-V675 7.2 CHANNEL 4K ULTRA HD RECEIVER and willing to sale. Regards Sudharshan.E Elac B6,Pioneer BS-SP-22, PIONEER-SPC-22, Yamaha RX-V675
  12. S

    5.1 system - need recommendations (KEF/Polk/Elac)

    Friends, Just now subscribed to this forum and am pretty new to AV world, looking out for options for last 2 weeks. Experts, need guidance please ! Location: Chennai. Dedicated room (11 feet wide and 21 feet length) in individual home. Requirements : Looking to setup a 5.1 home...
  13. D

    Advise for used Elac Sub

    Getting used elac sub 50 esp at approx 15k. I am no audophile, I tested it and I find it good, more than enough bass for my room. It can go as low as 28hz as per specs. I tested some test files and it plays all well. It is in pristine condition, no problem IMO. My budget for new sub is...
  14. C

    For Sale Elac S10 Debut Series Subwoofer (Designed by Andrew Jones series)

    Hi FMs, Age: 1.5 Months Condition: 10/10 Reason for Sale: Neighbour's Envy Original Packing: No boxes, but have bills and manuals. Price: New one is Rs.30549/- Amazon/Ebay, my price is Rs.26000/-, prefer Bangalore buyers, but can consider shipping if someone's really interested...
  15. R

    Wanted Elac fs 77

    Anyone wants to part ways with their ELAC FS 77? Please do NOT offer me BS speakers as I'm only looking for FS :)
  16. D

    Floor-standers around Rs 1L Q900 Concept 40 XT6F XT8F B&W Elac

    I am thinking of converting my bedroom (around 300 sq ft) current 5.1 system (Marantz 1504 + BA Soundware XS) to a 3.1 system since I do not watch too many movies. I do like to listen to vocals like Adele, Celine Dion, etc., jazz and the occasional bollywood. On a visit to ProFx in...
  17. R

    HKTS35 Vs Acoustimass 10 Vs Elac Cinema 10 vs jbl cinema 510

    I have a Yamaha RX-V 479 5.1 recevier.. Confused on what speaker package that I can pick. HKTS35 Vs Acoustimass 10 Vs Elac Cinema 10 vs jbl cinema 510
  18. abhay2603

    ELAC vs Dali (Debut F5 vs Zensor 7) & (Debut B5/6 vs Zensor 1/3)

    So let me start off by asking my requirements : I want to create a good 5.1 system, but for the sake of this conversation i am not considering central speakers or sub-woofers. Because sub-woofer can be added later on depending on the demand. And as for central speaker, that will depend on which...
  19. abhay2603

    Which Subwoofer to buy with Yamaha RX-V479 + ELAC Debut B6

    So i have decided to upgrade my audio setup. And i want to eventually build something exciting. But spending so much on a dream system all at once is a problem. So i though i will buy good equipment in stages. I listen to a lot of music and watch Movies as well. I have A gaming PC which i...
  20. T

    ELAC BS 52.2 vs Swans M100MKII

    Aside from Swans' Bluetooth feature, please compare the specifications of these two speakers to suggest which is better? Any links on the Internet about them?