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Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. Arularasu

    Need Advice on (Energy SUB-Woffer ESW-C8)

    Hi All, Recently I shifted my home in chennai. The guy who came from "All markes packers and movers broken my subwoofer RCA cable. Now the problem is, it was broken and the noob got strucked inside in the back of my subwoofer now am unable to plug in new cable because the broken noob is in...
  2. A

    energy tk classic or monoprice 10565

    Hi, After going through lots of threads, i almost finalize on energy take classic 5.1 . I was planning to get it from US with someone's help. Also found monoprice interesting. need to know which one to buy if had a chance to get it from US. energy tk classic 5.1 - 400$ on amazon...
  3. S

    Looking for used speakers

    Looking for used towers /book shelf speakers less used good condition in delhi/ncr
  4. Santy

    For Sale Yamaha RX471 + Energy RC 5.0 speakers

    Hi Guys I'm in the process of a total revamp of my system so I am offering the following for sale which I will be no longer using. Many FMs who listened to it liked the performance of this combo. I have been enjoying it all along; so with a heavy heart, I am letting them go. Energy...
  5. Santy

    My A/V setup through Papercamera

    Hey guys Posted below are some pics of my living room setup. The equipments seen are in my signature. Most of them (except TV and DVDp) bought in the last 6-7 months. Spent more than Rs. 150k excluding TV (some are used items) and according to my wife it is only around Rs. 70k spent, but she is...
  6. V

    Speaker pricing

    Used speaker pricing query - advice required Hi everyone. I have a pair of Energy e:XL26 speakers. I am planning to sell them. They are sparingly used (really!) and are about 6 years old. I bought them in Dubai and shipped them to Bangalore. I am selling because I find them interfering...
  7. J

    Upgrading a passive sub woofer with active sub woofer

    Hello Guys I have a Kenwood KRF-5550D 5.1 home theater system (purchased in Australia 4 years back). It has a passive sub woofer and does not have a sub woofer pre out on the receiver. I want to upgrade the speakers and sub woofer but retain the receiver. The speakers I have shortlisted are ...
  8. G

    Kef IQ-50/Wharfdale Diamond 10.7/ Energy CF-30

    Hi Guys.. Planning to buy a pair of Floor standing speakers and have checked out the Kef IQ-50/Wharfdale Diamond 10.7/ Energy CF-30. All are priced between 42-45K. Intend to pair them with a Denon 1910, which also I plan to buy. Use is 50-50 between Audio and Movies. Audio would be Retro...
  9. R

    Which Subwoofer for Enregy Classic Satellites

    Hello, Please advice me a subwoofer in 10000 to 15000 range. My set up is Panasonic XR55 class D amp. Energy 5 classic Satellites Main interest is 70% movies, 30% music. Thanks