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entry level

Wharfedale EVO 4.1 4.2 Speakers
  1. subhobh

    For Sale Cambridge Audio CD Player Azur 340C

    Offering my Cambridge Audio CD Player Azur 340C. Here are some reviews and details: https://www.whathifi.com/cambridge-audio/azur-340c/review https://www.cnet.com/products/cambridge-audio-azur-340c-cd-player/...
  2. Sushant Sharma

    For Sale NAD C556 Turntable and NAD PP4 ( MM/MC)Phonostage for sale.

    Hello Good folks of Hifivision, Up for sale is my NAD C 556 Turntable and NAD PP4 phonostage (both 5 star rated products on WhatHifi). Great entry level products these both and purchased a year and half ago from an authorised dealer in Delhi. Have upgraded the phono and now am thinking of a new...
  3. T

    AV receiver for PASSIVE Subwoofer!

    I have been hunting for an entry level 5.1 av receiver that supports a passive subwoofer connection. Thus far I have only found the Yamaha HTR 2067 which supports it & also fits in my budget. PLEASE advice about other models available that would support a passive sub connection. THANKS! :):)
  4. S

    Planning to build HT component by component

    Hi Friends, This is my first post and I am an absolute newbie to world of audio visual system. In past I have bought HTIB systems and not really likes them, yet I repeated the mistake given the low cost involved and less effort to build anything. Now I am going on my journey to build my...
  5. debangshuk

    Entry Level Home Theater with Video Upscaling

    I am from Kolkata India. I am looking to buy a Home Theater which will upscale Video content from my Videocon D2h to HD Content (1080p - I dont have a 4k TV - I have Sony Bravia HD TV) and audio content to high quality (Dolby if possible). Can someone please suggest me an entry level HT which...
  6. Z

    My first Buy - Stereo Amplifier.

    Hello Folks, I am new to Hi-Fi world and after going through much reviews and confusions, I bought a pair of Pioneer BS-22 Book shelf speakers. Now i am in the market for a good entry level stereo Amplifier. Originally, i was thinking of buying an entry level model from Norge like 2030 or...
  7. A

    How Good/Bad is Micromax Micromax 40T2820FHD?

    Hi, I want to buy a 40" FHD LED TV for my drawing room. I've found this Micromax 40T2820FHD on Flipkart Buy Micromax 40T2820FHD 101 cm (40) LED TV Online at Best Prices In India | Flipkart.com Price is really tempting! Any feedback for Micromax LED TVs in general and for Micromax 40T2820FHD...
  8. A

    Speaker Brands available in India and Price range

    Friends, I could see lots and lots of thread running in Speaker category for selection and also seen its be not answered always.So thought of opening a thread for the new comers to choose a among all the Foreign brand speakers with Basic \Entry level.Moreover i can see there are only few...
  9. F

    Advice For a Complete Newbie?

    Hi, thanks for having me here guys. I've been browsing the forums for a while and have been convinced that I should try to set up my own hi-fi system. That's really where my knowledge ends. I have gotten rather bored with the poor quality of my current ipod dock speakers (gear 4 house...
  10. R

    Entry level 32" LCD

    Dear denizens of HFV, I have trawled through the archives as much as I could, but still have a few questions about an entry level LCD. I need it for my father in-law, who being retired, is an avid TV watcher. Key requirements: 1. Quality/reliability - the TV must not break down or have...