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Home Theatre Systems
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    Best pairing speaker for CA 651A

    Hi All, I recently bought CA 651A amplifier as part of upgrading after selling my mediocre Kenwood KAF 3030R. Can you please suggest most suitable speakers for the amp. Now I have Epos ES 11 bookshelf, a 20 year old one which I bought a few months back from a friend of mine. They are good but...
  2. H

    Wanted Looking for Epos Bookshelf Speaker

    Hi Friends I am looking for Epos bookshelf speakers for my creek amp.If anybody have any Epos bookshelf speakers any model.Please let me know.........
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    Preout Alternative for Denon 1611 to attach Creek Evo2

    Hi, I have Denon 1611 and Epos M12i speakers as fronts for my HT. Now I have bought Creek Evo 2 AMP for stereo listening. Problem is, how to make the setup work? Creek has an option of Direct AV but that is only possible if my Denon has Front Pre outs. What is the possible way to run...