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  1. generalxxxstark

    SOLD Epson Pro Cinema 4040 4Ke HDR Projector for sale

    Selling an Epson PC 4040 4ke HDR Projector. Was purchased and imported from USA in January 2019. It's in excellent condition, except for a small plastic piece came off while ceiling mounting it. Please refer pictures. Otherwise, the glass lens and rest is in excellent condition. It can do 4K...
  2. generalxxxstark

    Wanted Looking For Epson RF Active shutter 3D glasses

    Fellow FM's, I need a pair of them for my Epson projector. Any other compatible brand will also do. I ordered the Epson elpgs01 by mistake not knowing they are IR and not RF :confused: Thanks in advance.
  3. H

    For Sale Epson 2040 3D Full HD projector

    Im planning to sell my beloved EPSON projector which I purchased while in Canada 3 years ago. I have the bill, but not the box which I left while in recent transition. Why Im selling: Because the last time I used was in January 2019 .. So, there is no point in keeping this hardware that is...
  4. S

    Suggestions for a Projector for a Home theater Epson tw5300/ Benq1110/ Benq 2000

    Hi guys I am a complete noob when it comes to projectors and I am looking to buy a projector for a Home theater. I have been suggested to go with either Benq1110 or Epson tw5300. Which one would you recommend and why? Also is the extra money for benq2000 or tw6600 worth it? The room can be made...
  5. N

    First Experience with Projectors (Vivibright, Egate, Epson)

    Sharing my first experience with projectors: I have tried Vivibright GP90 (Rs.16-17,000), Egate P513 (Rs.17-18,000) and Epson EB-X31 (Rs.34-36000). Having tried Epson, I could not go back to the cheaper brands. The colours are fantastic, like watching an LCD TV. And having seen a large...
  6. R

    Hello from Kerala!

    Hello everyone. Proud to be a part of this group of audiophiles. I'm Dr.Roshan from a small town Tirur in Kerala. I am a radiologist, presently working in Mims hospital, Calicut. I am a newbie to the audiophile world, was lost in the world of medicine for the best parts of my life.:D I...
  7. dipdawiz

    A compact HT

    A compact HT, a term taken from trending automobile sensation now-a-days - "Compact" SUV/Sedan :D Though I always had the thought of having a dedicated HT room some day, but urban life never allowed to take any step towards that. And even when I was out for a better sound for my TV few...
  8. H

    Epson 5030ub help

    I have an Epson 5030UB, it is going on for about a year now. Over the past month I have experienced the Projector shutting down after about 5 hours of viewing. I had a company come in and clean it(no issues). I get no flashing light indicating that it is overheating, and once it shuts down I can...
  9. S

    Home theater

    I am setting a home theater room in my new house.:confused: (room size H- 315cm, L- 780 cm, W - 315 cm) I got quote from one for the following... EPSON EPSON EH-TW 5200 Rs. 98699 LOGIC LOGIC PROJECTOR SCREEN SPECTRA SERIES 120" Rs.30000 ONKYO 7.1 HT IN BOX HTS5600B Rs.66000...
  10. E

    1st Projector buy Epson TW8200 & Online Purchase Dilemma @ Killer Price!

    Hi fellow members I will be shortly shifting to another bedroom (a rather old one ;) ) in my house as my current room has to undergo renovation. I expect this renovation to last for approximately 2 months. Now this secondary room measures 18.5' x 16.5' , 18.5' being the TV wall (where I wish to...
  11. S

    Negative Image on start with Epson Home Cinema 2000 3LCD projector

    I dont know why image is not coming here.. please have a look at Imgur I am getting above image whenever I power on my Epson LCD projector. I need to remove hdmi cable and insert it again to make it correct. It will work if I remove and insert hdmi from either of device i.e. from Projector or...
  12. M

    Help Needed! - First time user ( Non Technical Background)

    Hello, This is manvi here and recently joined the forum.I spent around 2 hrs yesterday and was quite suprised to understand the knowledge this forum has. I come from a non technical background and i thought to start the thread which would have answers to all the questions a newbie who wants...
  13. S

    Epson TW8200, buy in India or US

    Hi Gurus, I have narrowed my PJ search to the epson TW8200. I am in Bangalore, India and the best price I was quoted was 2,15,000. It only costs 2600 $ in the US, even with sales tax works out to 1,75.000. I have a close friend who is coming to Bangalore from the US. Question is whether I...
  14. S

    Universal Remote for Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 2000 projector

    Hi, Please suggest good universal remote which will work with Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 2000 projector. Actually during transaction of projector from US to India my friend lost the original remote control and installation CD. Can anybody kindly guide how should I overcome from this...
  15. kapvin

    Ceiling mount for Epson eh-tw8100

    Hi, Can anyone tell me which projector mount works with the Epson Eh-Tw8100w. the one that I have (grandview) does not fit. if you have a ceiling mounter epson 8100 could you share which mount you use? thanks Kapvin
  16. J

    Help Needed!!! Focus issue with Epson TW 8000

    Hi, I was just playing around with my new Epson TW 8000 projector before placing it and found out that left side of the image projected is pretty blurry compared to the right side. I did some quick research on the web and found that it could be a defective unit or a firmware issue or lens...
  17. M

    Help Needed to Buy Epson TW8100, Bangalore

    Hi I am looking to buy an epson tw8100 in Banglaore. Could anyone please suggest the best price available in Bangalore and also the dealers name and contact. Also, the room size is 12 ft * 12 ft...will it be fine. I am not looking for a very large image (80 in diagonal or even less would do)...
  18. determinus

    Another DLP vs LCD confusion (HD33 vs TW6x00)

    The reason ======== I have been a lurker in the forum for sometime. I have been thinking of starting a new thread for advice. Been impressed with the projector experience, but decided to wait for techology to mature and prices to come to reasonable levels before buying. Full HD 3D at 1 lac is...
  19. C

    3d projector? optoma / epson

    hey there.. i m planning to build a dedicated home theater.. but more on that later.. for now.. 1. is 3d projection the way to go? or should we still stick to 2d and 3d may be 5 years later? 2. i was thinking of going for optoma hd33 but the heavy costs in india, made me change to hd 21...
  20. G

    Help choosing projector from among the two

    Hi, I need your help choosing one of the below projectors. Any suggestions/reasons as to why one projector is better than the other? PROJECTOR TW-480 EPSON PROJECTOR Rs. 42,105.26 Vivitek projector 1080 full HD Rs. 149,000/-