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  1. amit11

    Anybody using ethernet Cat 8 cable?

    Hi Friends, i was interested to know if anybody is using lan cable cat8? I was reading that cat7 is good, but cat7 has not been widely accepted and then cat 8 came into picture. currently i have a normal cat 5E cable and i was thinking to buy a new one. I have never purchased any special lan...
  2. S

    Ethernet/LAN port on Toshiba 32PX200ZE

    Hello All, I am looking for a 32 inch television for my living room (small) and looked at LG, Samsung and Sony. Of the lot, I found Sony's PQ better. But the dealer also had Toshiba Cricket Series beside and I found the PQ of Toshiba almost as good as Sony. My viewing distance being 6 to 7 ft...
  3. N

    Network Problem in DLNA streaming

    I have a BSNL wifi router, I can access computers that are connected on the wireless network. The router also has ethernet ports, so I hooked up my tv to one of the ethernet ports on the router. My laptop connects using wifi. When I go to the network in my Win7 laptop I am not not able to see...
  4. U

    Ethernet Over Power Network

    Has anyone tried this sort of network? I would like to learn or try. Network Powerline Adapter / Ethernet Bridge- 200Mbps products, buy Network Powerline Adapter / Ethernet Bridge- 200Mbps products from alibaba.com