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Wharfedale EVO 4.1 4.2 Speakers
  1. ratheesh


    Founded in 1981, TCL Corporation, a global corporate group focused on the production of smart products and the provision of online application services. Since its inception TCL Corporation has since grown from a small local joint venture in China into a global corporation engaged in a wide range...
  2. G

    UHD vs Full HD

    Hello you knowledgeable guys I need to buy a TV and I have two choices at the moment - a 43" LG UHD TV and a 49" Panasonic Shinobi TV (630 series), both priced approximately at around 63-65000. Financial constraints prevent me from reaching higher, much as I'd like to have a 50" odd 4K panel...
  3. G

    Does anyone have an idea of the new Panasonic Shinobi TV range?

    Does anyone have an idea of Panasonic 2016 range Shinobi TVs ? How do these compare alongside Sony, Samsung, Lg?
  4. E

    Best TV for Console gaming?

    Hi, I am out in the market for a LED TV (40 inches) and the primary usage would be to play games on my consoles and play HD content available over STBs. Considering refresh rates, response time, and color reproduction, which TV would be a good budget buy? I don't have any budget in my mind...
  5. G

    panasonic 50a410d reviews?

    guys i have finalised panasonic 50a410d as agaonst 50as610d which is a smart tv IMO,correct me if i am wrong,for my non smart,non 3d, FHD LED TV purchase,after a lot of researchon the internet,plz come with ownership experiences, reviews, anything you have or can tell me about this model,also...
  6. G

    Need help in selecting a fhd smart 3d led tvtv

    hello guys i am new to this forum and i would really appreciate your help in selecting a FHD smart, passive 3d LED TV(pref backlight LCD) for my living room which is 12x25 feet with an approx viewing distance of 8-10 feet.guys i am looking for a future proof TV as i wont be upgrading it for...
  7. T

    HD viewing on 1024x768 resolution

    Hi All, Can anyone share their experiences on viewing Full HD (1920x1080) on a 1024x768 display usually found in some VFM 42 inch plasmas? I expect that the screen real estate will not be fully utilized because of the aspect ratios and there would be black bands above and below the...