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Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. T

    New Earphone suggestions

    Hello y'all folks, hope everyone is safe during the lockdown I need all your expert advice (and I'm sorry if this is a duplicate thread, but I have looked at existing threads and there maybe an overlap, but my query isn't directly answered anywhere else) I am looking to replace my Gen1 AirPods...
  2. S

    For Sale Fiio F9 pro - great condition, sparingly used

    For sale is a pair of Fiio F9 pro - with original packaging and all accessories. This was brought in mid/late 2018. Sparingly used among my many other earphones/ headphones. Mainly indoors in my office. As many may know, this is a very well regarded hybrid multi-driver IEM comprising 1 dynamic...
  3. anirudhchandrashekar

    Wanted Portable Headphone Amplifier

    Looking for a portable headphone amp. Fiio or anything similar will do. If you have any for sale, please let me know. Cheers! (Also looking for iPod Line out 30pin to 3.5mm wire too)
  4. anirudhchandrashekar

    Wanted Looking for a Digital Audio Player

    Hi all, I am looking for a DAP. I am looking for a DAP for getting a portable setup. Please let me know if you have any DAPs for sale. Budget is not a constraint, I am open to offers. Cheers!
  5. kane

    FiiO discounts ( 20%-40%) at FiiO India

    Just seen discounts at FiiO India website. Plenty of them at great prices FiiO website Disclaimer : I have not commercial interest or alliance with FiiO
  6. MaSh

    Wanted Fiio E10k

    Anyone got a fiio e10k, that's not being used? MaSh
  7. D

    DAC/Amp for Headphones

    I am planning to buy a DAC for Sennheiser HD451/ ATH M50x. Please advise if I should go for Fiio e17k Aspen2 or Fiio e10k (or any other?).
  8. C

    Laptop+FiioEK10+avr.. ...or.....FiioX1+Avr.... need your help to decide..

    Hello all... Can you help me to decide which of these two options is better for a good and detailed music quality please... 1. Laptop with foober + FIIO EK10 + avr 2. Fiio X1 or Fiio M3 player + avr (E10K is a usb dac, and X1 and M3 are media players as i understand...) Thank you...
  9. Anurag

    For Sale Fiio X3 portable audiophile player 2months old

    For Sale, Fiio X3 portable audiophile player purchased on June 2014 Price in India is about 20k Expected price 10k All packaging/accessories, manual, usb cable included. Item location is delhi, can ship at buyers risk Thx
  10. sammydude

    How to connect my plasma TV-DAC-2.1 Speakers?

    Hello all, I have a Samsung Plasma TV - PS51E8000 model. It doesn't have a 3.5 mm audio output. So, I bought a Fiio Taishan Digital to Audio converter to connect my Sony D5 2.1 speakers to the TV via the Digital Audio Ooutput. These are the steps I followed. 1) Connected Optical cable from TV...
  11. arin

    Setup PC mixing studio on budget

    I am planning to make a short movie(Non commercial) and I am already on a tight budget after spending money on video equiptments and other stuffs. The script is almost ready. The recoding shall be at local media college and I am planning to do the mixing of background score and few songs...