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firmware update

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. A

    Looking for firmware for Marantz NR 1504

    Hello People, After the HDMI stopped working on my Marantz NR1504, someone changed the memory on board successfully. He could not update the firmware after it. He tried to contact the marantz support but seems the firmware is not available to be downloaded anymore. Is there any chance someone...
  2. A

    Marantz SR7011 firmware update failure

    After a recent auto update over wifi my AVR suddenly stopped audio and video output. I have checked all basic setup requirements and found everything normal. However, the AVR is neither giving video output from any HDMI out nor it is showing any speaker connected to it on its front display. No...
  3. R

    LG TV Display issue

    Hi I have a 55LA6200 TV. It was working fine without any issues. I got the firmeware update to 04.28.13. Today suddenly the picture gone. I have powered off and On. IT worked for 10 min. Again got the same issue. Slowly the time got reduced. Once I switch on the picture came and after that it...
  4. C

    Fiio X3 with epic new firmware 3.0

    Those who considered the Fiio X3 and were not impressed, may want to check out the dramatic improvement in sound with the recently released fw 3.0. There is also a moddable new UI and improved MP3 handling capabilities, but it's the the sound improvement that is stunning, both through...
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    Home Theater and 2.1

    Hello All! Ok, after 5 days of research of AVR and seperates there seems to be a serious hole in regard to those who wish to use their 5.1 or 7.1 systems for serious 2.1, in my case vinyl. Speakers; Def Tech Mythos 4 L&R, Mythos 3 Center, and the Gems Rear along with a new Def Tech 4000 Sub and...
  6. H

    Blue screen on SONY LED 46EX520

    Hi Last Saturday, I updated few firmware when I tried to access internet on the SONY 46EX520 (System asked for some update). Internet worked after that. Sunday evening I found that a vertical hedgy grey strip is superimposing on the middle of the screen. It was around 6" wide and ran top to...
  7. C

    HiMedia 600 Firmaware updated 5 May

    An update after a long time, Version, release date 03/05/12 >>Modified based on New features: 1) Add multi-server support for HiTV 2) Network shortcut and local file (File browser-menu - Add to Favorites, NFS and UPNP isn't work on this function) 3) Support...
  8. V

    Panasonic Plasma X30 software update ?

    Hi, When browsing through Panasonic global site, I saw that they recently released new firmware for X30D. Has anyone tried updating with this new firmware ? Download Information of VIERA for Asia, Oceania, Middle East, Africa | TV | Digital AV | Consumer Products | Support | Panasonic...
  9. S

    Denon 3806 firmware upgrade

    Greetings, I have Denon's AVR 3806, purchased in Dec 2006 from ProFX in Hyderabad. It seems that some releases/shipments of 3806 cannot handle 7.1 PCM audio over HDMI and mine is one of them. This issue was discussed extensively at avsforum where some folks mentioned applying a firmware...
  10. B

    Volume too low on Tata Sky STB

    Last week, Tata Sky pushed a firmware update to the STB and it went all ok, except for the audio part. Now I find that the volume is too low on the same settings as compare to before. Previously I used to keep my AVR at a volume level of 45 and the STB on 2 bars. Now I have to keep my AVR at...