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floor speakers

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  1. Amit Shetty

    For Sale Quad 22L2 Floor Standing Speakers

    Leading the L2 series range is the 22L2. With a huge dynamic range and frequency bandwidth, it offers class-leading performance throughout the frequency spectrum. Bass response bottoms out at an impressive 30Hz. When positioned exactly 350mm from a rear wall, the in-room response is flat to this...
  2. anirudhchandrashekar

    Wanted PSB Floorstander Speakers

    Is anyone parting with a pair of PSB Synchrony One? If so, please let me know via a reply or a message. Interested for a quick buy!
  3. S

    Need flr speakers + amp + rest for 1 Lakh (a little more can do)

    Hi, This is my first post. I’m a first time buyer. My budget is about 1 Lakh (can stretch a little / only if significant difference in quality etc.) I want to buy a 2.0 ( or 2.1) floorstanding soeakers + amp (amp or receiver, I don’t know - kindly suggest) and the works, please I have heard...
  4. anirudhchandrashekar

    Wanted Looking for a good pair of floorstanders

    I am on the lookout for a good pair of floors. I will be parting with my beloved Polk reference series soon (maybe). I have a budget of about 1Lakh. I am open to choices. So if you have anything in this budget for sale, please leave me a DM. I will prefer local sellers (at this point) because I...
  5. A

    For Sale QUAD Power Amplifier: Elite QSP

    Selling my massive tiny powerhouse, QUAD Elite QSP Stereo Power Amplifier for sale!! amp is indeed a very well engineered product, very robust and a powerful one with a rugged scratch proof construction! This power amplifier can be paired up with variety of pre-amplifiers like...
  6. P

    taking baby steps, need help choosing floor speakers

    Dear audio gurus, I just bought a pair of Class A full Vacuum tube mono block amp with 40Wattts RMS, i'm swimming in an Ocean searching for a good pair of floor speakers. so many to choose! need your expert advice. My requirements are simple, Clear crisp soft sound(midrange), punchy base...
  7. ShutterX

    Suggestion for HT package? Budget 20k

    Hi all. I am planning to change my Living room home theatre. I currently use my old computer speaker setup. Edifier DA 5000 Pro with a 5.1 DAC. I would like to buy a HTIB. Brand does not matter also long as sound and quality is good. My only issue is that iam on a very strict budget of 20k only...
  8. aurobindosaha

    Question - Using FS/BS with HTiB Receiver

    Hi Can some one please confirm can I use 120 W Floor Speakers with HTiB receiver - STR K850P Also, please let me know, if I use a pair of bookshelf speakers instead of floor speakers, how can I make use of Sub Woofer that came with the HTiB. There is Speaker A and Speaker B and Speaker A+B...
  9. prepress

    Matching Speakers with Yamaha A-S500

    Dear Friends, I am thinking to upgrade my speakers: Amplifier for speaker is : Yamaha A-S500 (RMS 85W pc @8ohms, 120W peak), Attached Yamaha YST-SW315 (250W Subwoofer) Budget : 30-35K Room space : 12' X 12' Music Genres, Preferred : Rock, Pop, 70's-80's (Stereo Songs by R.D., Bappi...
  10. K

    Wanted Floor standers

    Mumbai+nearby areas preferred. Pune in extended region. Will pick up. Floor standers needed for my Denon 1912. I am replacing my Yamaha RXV 550 + Jamo E350 towers, which have served me fantastically well for 9 years. I have a width restriction, 275mm. Price range depending on...
  11. Tracer29

    upgrading my exisiting 5.1 system

    hi all, Want to upgrade my system which is as below in my signature with floor standing speakers and retain the existing Klipsch center speaker,room size is 12x10. 1)Any problems in pairing different speakers 2)My budget is 20-25 k and can stretch more but since my room size is small would...
  12. R

    2 Speakers for 35-45K

    I am trying to decide on which floor standing speakers to buy within my budget of 35-45K. My room is about 300 sq.ft and usage is both music & HT. Based on web search and prices on this forum I have shortlisted - 1. PSB alpha T 2. Polk TSi500 3. Jamo 405/6/7 Please recommend among...