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floor standers

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  1. kochumvk

    ELAC FS 207 A vs Heco Victa Prime 702

    Which floor standing speakers will work for me better? I have the option to choose Used ELAC FS 207 Anniversary edition (with AMT tweeter) or brand new Heco Victa Prime 702s Will you suggest anything else that I could buy for under 500 euro a pair? My priorities : Resolution and details up...
  2. A

    Time for upgrade - HT5.1 FS Budget 2.5-3 lakhs

    Hi guys, Waiting for this for last one year to upgrade to HT5.1 with tower speakers and a powerful sub. Movies/Music ratio - 80/20. I have auditioned below setups as of now and i would like suggestions on what other setups I should audition in comparison to this. Also my flat is getting...
  3. Fiftyfifty

    For Sale Q Acoustics 3050 Floorstanders

    Winner of What Hifi product of the year and consistently rated 5 stars, these speakers will be a match for speakers several times their price. Q Acoustics 3050 review | What Hi-Fi? One year old and in immaculate condition. Selling because my new amp is overpowered for these speakers. You...
  4. noblejose

    SONODYNE SONUS 2605 V3 VS Pioneer SP-FS52-LR

    I've to decide between: 1) SONODYNE SONUS 2605 V3 floor stander + their center 2) Pioneer SP-FS52-LR Andrew Jones floor stander + Pioneer SP-C22 Center What I have: 1) Onkyo entry level HT-S3400 (HT-R390 AVR) - I'll upgrade this to a better quality Denon / Yamaha AVR later; say next year...
  5. A

    Need inputs to set up a component based audio system - 200K INR

    Dear friends and experts, I would like to take your valued inputs in setting up a component based audio system. I am currently working in Netherlands and will be coming back to India mid 2014. After some research into Tube based amps, I was really interested in exploring an option of...

    For Sale Classic kef q50 floorstanding tower speakers

    Putting up my CLASSIC KEF Q50 FLOORSTANDING TOWER SPEAKERS - MADE IN ENGLAND for sale! Specification: Q50 System type: 2-way, floor standing Enclosure type: Reflex Dimensions (H x W x D): 800 x 190 x 301mm (31.5 x 7.5 x 11.85 inches) Weight: 11kg (24.3 lbs) Nominal impedance...
  7. S

    Monitor audio vs Dali

    Which is a better option to go with Monitor audio BR5 or Dali concept 6.
  8. K

    Amplifier power confusion - for floor standers

    Hello dear FMs Am in the lookout for decent floor standers and have auditioned KEF Q900, MA RX6, Heco Victa Metas 501, B&W 684, Focal apart from Polk Rti & Yamaha series which I did not prefer though. Am yet to decide between MA RX6, Heco Metas 501 or B&W 684. Am told by the dealer...
  9. A

    Search for first Hifi-started with Floorstanders 2012

    Hi Everyone, First day of registration and my first post. Been an avid reader of various posts here though and really loved the way this enriched me. Long way still before I move up the audiophile curve..currently at 1/10. :) Have recently started looking out for building my first Hi Fi...
  10. I

    30k-35k floor standers for Yamaha rx v667

    Hello everyone, I am here with my very first post and very first query from you Gurus. I am going to setup my very first 7.1 system (in steps). My room size is 12ft x 27ft. My usage is 80% music/20% movie-including gaming occasionally, Player is PS3 slim. What I already have: Yamaha...
  11. K

    Wanted Floor standers

    Mumbai+nearby areas preferred. Pune in extended region. Will pick up. Floor standers needed for my Denon 1912. I am replacing my Yamaha RXV 550 + Jamo E350 towers, which have served me fantastically well for 9 years. I have a width restriction, 275mm. Price range depending on...
  12. E

    Speakers for Denon AVR 1912

    Hi Guys, I am going to US next week and would be buying Denon AVR 1912 , was planning to buy 1911 before but as the upgraded version is there .. so why not take it :) First of all would there be any problem with the custom, it's my first time getting something for US. Second, after...
  13. denzong

    V V Urgent: Wahrf 9.5 vs Mission M34i vs anyother

    hi guys need a very very urgent help to choose between: (only want FS speakers) Wharf 9.5 @ 19999 Mission M34i @ 18000 Mission M35i @ 28000 primary use is for turntable to match my sansui au 717 amp also will use these for my iphone music docking rock listening mostly but will...
  14. M

    Upgrade from Tannoy Mercury Fusion 1 Speakers

    Hi All, I'm not a professional audiophile, but like to hear good music (that sounds good on the ears). Currently I have a basic set up: -Marantz SR402 -Marantz 5001 - Tannoy Fusion 1- with Standmounts - Custom built cables I'm quite happy with the quality of sound, but was...
  15. C

    What Should I Buy?

    What to Buy? Either 5.1ch Home theater or Twin floor standers with an AMP. Room size: 15 feet by 8 feet To Use with Samsung 32" LCD and a PS2 Movies 75%, Music 25% Pre owned or NEW, both would do. Budget: 20K to 25K I would like to have twin floor standers but can give up if i can...
  16. Vue2AStill

    KEF iQ5 vs Monitor-Audio BR5 vs Wharfedale 9.5

    Friends, Many of you have replied to my earlier post "Connecting two rooms into one amp" (http://www.hifivision.com/what-should-i-buy/2101-connecting-two-rooms-into-one-amp.html). Thank you for the same. I have now purchased the Cambridge Audio 540D v2 and the Denon 1909 AV Receiver, so as...