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floor standing speakers

Luxman Amplifiers India
  1. senthilsss

    Floor Standing Speakers - Comparison and Market research

    All: I've done a basic market study and research on Floor Standing Speakers during my recent purchase. Hope you will find it useful if you are planning to buy Floor standing Speakers.
  2. sloke123

    Floor Standing Speakers under 25k

    Hi, I am from Kolkata. I have a Yamaha RX-V481, along with yamaha ns-p20 speakers set. I prefer listening music than movies. I generally listen Folk Rock and Instrumental. So mid and high is very important. So can you guys suggest me a decent floor standing speakers under 25k...
  3. S

    help needed setting up new ht

    Hi everyone, im new to this forum.i wanted to set up a new ht in my house.My journey started couple of weeks back.i initially wanted to buy yamaha yht 2910 which is priced around 40k.i was new to this world.i thought it was a better one.i dont know anything about avrs and speakers.once i...
  4. D

    Budget stereo system

    I have been using computer speakers and Bluetooth speakers to listen music. Now I wanted to upgrade to a stereo music system. That's the reason I joined this forum. I have few doubts and need suggestions. 1. To my knowledge a stereo system needs a source ,stereo amplifier and bookshelf/floor...
  5. C

    Wanted Floor standers around 40k

    Hi, Anyone selling floorstanders in good condition, for music, that can be shipped to Goa? Budget is under 40k
  6. hemya

    Help in deciding an amplifier with Energy CF-70 FS

    Hi...Looking for recommendations for an integrated amplifier for my Energy CF-70 floor standing speakers. Would like to stay under 40k. I used to use the speakers in a full Energy speakers surround setup with an Onkyo TX SR 604 AVR. The entire setup was my HT setup when I lived in the US...
  7. J

    Help requested: Stereo lstening amp, dac & floor standers???

    Hi All, I just joined the forum with this being my first post. Thus far I own very basic Marshal Hanwell anniversay edition Boxed integrated speakers and also Swans M200mkiii 2.0 speakers in different rooms. Need to upgrade to a good 2.0 Floor standing Stereo Speaker System setup for...
  8. J

    Can Yamaha HTR 3067 power Klipsch R24f

    Hai all... i have Yamaha YHT 2910 , sounds decent but not that great.. Very recently i fell in love with Klipsch aft Demo. Since very tight budget , i prefer to go for Reference 24F. Planning to replace front speaker from Yamaha with Klipsch R24F. Is that advisable to replace...
  9. J

    5.1 Speaker System with Floor Standing Speaker

    Hai...Am looking for basic 5.1 Speaker system which have front floor standing speaker. Could someone suggest a good one...
  10. V

    Kindly help me decide on a subwoofer and 2.0 FS speaker combo for under 40K!

    Hi, I got the following stuff for under rupees 30k in US: 7.2 receiver: 7.2 Ch. 4K A/V Receiver with Bluetooth – STR-DH750 Review - Sony US, center channel: 2-way 3-driver Center Channel Speaker - Eligible Sound Bars and Home Theater Systems Sony Store - Sony US and 2 pairs of these on...
  11. D

    Speakers for Denon X1000

    Hi friends, After a long search i am to conlcude that Denon X1000 was best in 5.1 compare to other companies.I have bought in Reliance Digital.The sound was awesome when i saw movie in demo speakers. I want to buy Speakers for Denon X1000.Please suggest which speaker brand was...
  12. R

    Floor Standing Speakers for less than 1 lakh

    Hi guys i am new to this forum Please help me in choosing a Floor Standing Speakers of budget less than 1 lakh rupees (for Floor Standing Speakers itself) My room size is 20x15 Floor standing speakers 95% only for music and sometimes for movies It should have deep bass and warm sounding and I...