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floor standing

Home Theatre Systems
  1. adhingra

    For Sale Goldenear Triton 2 Towers + NAD M51 DAC + Emotiva XPA200 Amp + Audiphilleo 2 USB to SPDIF - gently used & great package price

    Hello Everyone, I have had this setup for 5 years and loved every minute of goosebump inducing musical experience, but recently moved to a smaller place in Mumbai and realising that I have too much of a system for a small living room (10’ x 14’ x 9’ high - I know its tiny!) so planning to sell...
  2. S

    Floor Standing Speaker Search

    Can anyone tell me about their experience with the Yamaha NS - 777 Floor Standing speakers ? I have just blown my JBL XTI 100 ( circa 2003 ) and need a new pair of speakers which have the right lows and highs in the under INR 100K range. Thanx
  3. S

    Front Speaker pair below 40K

    Hi All, I am planning to buy 2 floor standing speakers range below 40K. My initial choice was Polk D-70 of Monitor series. But it is not available currently when I asked profx so I moved to TSX440T. But I heard from one of my friend about Sondyne Sonus Series. Can anyone please clarify about...
  4. R

    Need guidance on building custom speakers

    Hello Friends ! I need some help from you as I have a plan to build my custom floor standing speakers from available sony speakers I have. What I have with me is... see attached image as well. Front Speakers - SS-RV990 - 2 nos. Accepts impedence of 6 to 16 Ohms Sub Woofer 1 - 15cm...