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floorstanding speaker

Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker
  1. N

    should i buy the pioneer fs52 designed by Andrew jones?

    need a quick help. i am planning to buy my 1st hifi speaker. i am on a tight budget to say the least. is it worth buying these speakers (the pioneer sp fs52 floor standing speakers) after they have been "discontinued" or made unavailable in India. if yes? where can i find them? i see 2 websites...
  2. syednizamudeen

    SOLD Paradigm Monitor 9 S7/V7 & Paradigm Monitor Center 3 V7/S7 - LCR

    Dear Fellow Members, Putting my current LCR on sale. L/R : Paradigm Monitor 9 S7/V7 Floor Standers. Center : Paradigm Monitor Center 3 S7/V7 Center Channel matching speakers. Reason for Sale : Upgrading my front stage to Paradigm Premier 800F & Paradigm Premier Center 600C Purchased...
  3. H

    Floorstanding recommendations under 1L

    Hello HiFiers, looking for recommendations for floorstanding speakers - with primary use case being music. I currently own a pair of Epos K1 bookshelves, and unfortunately I'm locked down in a different city. I quite like the K1s, but I'm looking to get a pair of floorstandings for the living...
  4. Black_Hawk

    Receiver for Yamaha NS-8390

    I'm thinking about buying the Yamaha NS-8390 floorstanders and wanted to know if someone can recommend a suitable stereo Receiver for it? Is the Yamaha R-S202BL a good option to go for? Please advise. Thanks!
  5. S

    Music + Home Theatre dilemma

    Hi Experts/Experienced users, I had posted 5 years back a similar question but backed off due to other priorities (₹₹!!). Now I have DECIDED to buy, start with a budget of 1 lakh or thereabouts. I am more of a classical music lover than movie, but at home there is a strong demand for a full...
  6. shibuchristy

    For Sale Sold ! HECO The Statement speakers in brand new condition

    HECO The statement . Made In Germany. Bought a year ago . Imported from Middle East. Sensitivity : 93db Frequesncy Response : 18hz to 50khz Weight : 43Kg More than 4 feet height, 7" Alnico mid driver in Open chamber, Super Tweeter. Original Box not available. Got the original Owners Manual...
  7. V

    Tower speakers under 20,000

    Summary : A lyric-freak wants to listen to good quality sound on tower speakers Budget : 15k (+/-5) Purpose : 100% music ( 40% indian film music + 20% english pop + 15% violin solos + 5% indian classicals + 10% EDM) Location : Hyderabad Room size : 12foot x 30foot x 10foot (can be placed...
  8. vikramdesigner

    Floor standing speaker under 1.3L

    Hi Friends, My current setup : KEF Q300 (Reason to choose this speakers cos Im into vocal and detail but time to upgrade) LUXMAN -L3 ( Love warm sound and its signature) Technics 1200 MK3D ( New addition :D from Technics 1900 , have good vinyl collections ) Pioneer BDP-160 - (I have...
  9. S

    INDIA: Yamaha R-N301BL + NS-8390 = Good Combo?

    Before going on to buy, I wanted to double confirm from the experts if the following combo makes sense. Thanks in advance! Yamaha R-N301BL Network Stereo Receiver (from Grabmore.com) Yamaha Speaker System NS-8390 (from Amazon.in) Denon DP29F Mini Turntable (from Amazon.in) All I need is a...
  10. B

    In search of a best floorstander !! - Experience & Reviews

    Hi folks, In spending quite an effort for last few years in identifying a best floorstanders for my preferences , I was sometimes let down because of my budget , mismatch of performance ( sound detailing, sonic quality etc.) Back when I started in 2008, I was just another guy in this part...
  11. S

    Home Stereo with Floorstanding Speakers

    Hi there! I have an old Sony Mini Hi-Fi (120W x2 @ 6ohms) with screwed up software. I can only play it using my laptop/iPod/Mobile on Game Aux but then that's a dependency I don't like. Now I am planning to replace it with a new music system. My requirements: 1. It's for AUDIO in Stereo...
  12. P

    Please help for new speakers

    Hi All, I am Puneet from Bangalore and this is my first post on the forum. I am sure the question is pretty trivial for u guys but i need to decide upon the speakers with the following combination. I have Marantz pm8005. and i am looking for musical speakers to give amp the sound. the...
  13. jaivelu

    Wanted BookShelf Speakers

    Hi Friends, I have Onkyo HT-3500 as a 2nd HT and want to replace the front speakers. So, I am on the lookout for good well maintained used bookshelf speakers to replace the stock Onkyo speakers. I am open to all kinds of speakers which are suitable for my Onkyo 3500. I am little low on...
  14. prepress

    SONY SS-NA2ES Speakers $10,000. Worth?

    Searching on internet and found THIS (LINK), I am not sure if it is worth at this price?
  15. P

    Wanted Floorstading Speakers

    Hi, I am looking for a pair of used floor standing speakers for my AVR Marantz SR5005. Please let me know if you have any for sale. Also let me know if you have 5.0 package with front floorstanding speakers. My usage will be 90% Music & 10% movies. Thanks a lot in advance. Regards Prabhu