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fm tuner

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  1. Music Freak


    Hello! Up for sale is my Yamaha T-85 Natural Sound AM/FM Stereo Tuner, regarded as the best Audiophile Tuner manufactured by Yamaha ever, available for pick up in Bangalore. One of the many prominent features include the Dynamic Auto Blend Circuit. When signal quality is low, stereo programs...
  2. K

    For Sale NAD C 425 AM/FM Stereo Tuner

    NAD C425 AM/FM Stereo tuner for sale The tuner is in pristine condition and is in excellent working condition. I am the second owner. I bought it form the original owner for using it with Stereo Amp. Now dropped the plan and selling it. FM antenna included. Local buyers preferred as I don't...
  3. N

    used FM Tuners on ebay.de

    I want to add a FM tuner to my setup for listening to local FM radio stations. But there is a lack of availability of tuners in Indian market. While tuner from DNM or Norge and the likes may be available but I think that these are cheap chinese or Taiwanese products with DNM branding. Also their...
  4. O

    My New (Used) FM tuner

    Welcome! my new acquisition Tandberg TPT3001 (make 1981), heavy piece of art. This is supposed to be better than its successor 3011 model. Some quotes of world wide web. Features: High-performance, 8-gang analog FM tuner Eight preset station storage with internal battery to...
  5. N

    Yamaha RX-V471 (US Version in India) :: FM Tuner tuning to odd numbered channels only

    I bought a Yamaha RX v471 from the US. But when we try to tune the even numbered indian channels such as 102.6, we are not able to as the radio automatically skips to the next odd number i.e. 102.7. We have found out that the US radio channels are odd numbered due to which this may be...