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Wharfedale Evo 4.2
  1. M

    Best amplifier for Focal Aria 906

    Hi! I'm going to use focal aria 906 speakers on a rack. What is the best amp for them? Under 2000 euros preferably and with a phono input. Maybe Unison Research Unico? Croft? Sonetteer? Rega elicit-r? (a bit more but still) Anything else? What would be a good match? Or maybe it's too much for...
  2. Gerry_the_Merry

    For Sale Focal Elektra 1028 BE Basalt Mint Condition

    Selling my beloved Focal Elektra 1028 BE speaker after 5 years of joy, after upgrading further within the Focal line. Price Rs300,000 (Negotiable). MRP before recent INR fall Rs600,000/-. Location - Mumbai Bought new from Boomerang in Mumbai in 2013. Condition 9/10. The speakers maintain their...
  3. S

    Vanakkam Friends

    Have received lot of insights in this forum. Thanks you Hifivision team. Currently having Denon X3400H paired with Yamaha NS8390, Focal Center SIBXL, Focal SIB Rear and Onkyo Atmos SKH410.
  4. K

    Suggest Feedback

    Hi All, Needed some bit of advise. I am planning to purchase my 1st Home theatre system and scouting for the same (Location: Mumbai). Till now, have visited the Viola & The Shop (Both Andheri W), Profx (Worli) and The Audiomaxx Warehouse (Mulund W). At Viola was suggested the following...
  5. V

    Speakers for Corolla Altis

    Hi friends, Bought a 2012 Corolla Altis. It has six speakers, 6.5 components in the front and 6x9 in the back tray. Not happy with the sound quality and wish to upgrade from the stock speakers and do not wish to upgrade the stock Toyota HU, which works fine. Earlier when I changed in...
  6. G

    Focal vs Q Acoustic vs Morel

    I auditioned 3 brands today and Q acoustic last week 1) Revel (By HARMAN) Price- didn't even consider asking 2) FOCAL Aria 936 - Price - 2.55 Lac for 5.1 set 3) MOREL Solan - Price - 1.40 Lac for 5.1 Set 4) Q Acoustic - 3050 Price: 1.50 Lac for 5.1 Set We started with Revel and found it too...
  7. cybervinay

    For Sale Focal Solid 4 4-channel car amplifier 75 watts RMS x 4

    Selling my Focal Solid 4 4-channel car amplifier. This was used in my car for few years. I have sold the car and hence this sale. It has served me very well. No issues and never repaired. In 100% original working condition. I have the original box. Here is the product link Solid4 Focal...
  8. M

    Please Help in buying AVR & 5.1 System

    Hello everyone, I am planning to buy a AVR and a HI FI Home theater System. I have zeroed in on Denon X1100 for AVR. I took a demo of Accusound OM2150 5.1 System which has two towers, bookshelf surround, center and a 12inch woofer which i liked. I also had an experience of Focal Bird 5.1...
  9. A

    Speakers Suggestions for complete noob.. help me!!

    Hi all, I want to setup a good sound system for my room, so while searching bose v35 , i read that other manufacturer speakers are also good. So i want to know all the suggestions from you guys. My budget is 1.5L. Mostly(80%) for home audio , rarely for video, gaming. So far i've heard names...
  10. F


    Hello Friends, I am bit confused with below 3 Head units to install in my Figo. I personally like Blaupunkt but don't know really how good quality it can produce? One of Friend suggested for JVC R900BT but its not available with any Dealers....I have installed few things in my car and they...
  11. C

    Will Marantz MP5004 enough my Focal Corus 714v ?

    Folks, After three years of auditions in India and the US (and many hours of reading of this forum), I bought Focal Corus 714v. (temporarily connected to a very old kenwood AVR). Now, i want to buy an intergrated amp to complete version 1 of my audio system. Will Marantz MP5004 suffice? I...