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Wharfedale EVO 4.1 4.2 Speakers
  1. N

    Foobar and CD player of PC

    My setup Laptop (foobar2000)-> HRT Music Streamer ii USB DAC -> Yamaha AS-500 Foobar Settings WASAPI (Event) : Speakers (2-Music Streamer II) Buffer Length : 15780 ms Output format : 24-bit The problem When I play Audio CD from the cd player on my laptop, nothing happens. I do not...
  2. prepress

    foobar2000-WASAPI Settings

    Today got my DAC 24Bit/96kHz (AUDIOTRAK PRODIGY CUBE -Wolfson 8776). It's a basic DAC but the reviews were good so thought to give it a try. I was already using Foobar2000 with Wasapi but now I want to make things more organized. I have huge collection of uncompressed music (.wav...
  3. jls001

    Benchmark Guide - setting up Foobar2000

    An interesting how-to article by Benchmark (the DAC guys) on how to set up Foobar2000 for a Windows machine: here.
  4. V

    cPlay vs Foobar

    I am really happy with the SQ from cPlay and would like share my experience . My setup is like this HTPC -> cPlay(cMP) -> VIA ASIO USB --> Audio GD NFB 3.3 -> Exposure 2010S2 ----> ProAc Studio140MK2 I recently got the Audio GD , and prior to that was using a DIYDAC ( burrbrown ) and for...
  5. jls001

    Play .ape files in foobar2000

    How? Thx in advance.
  6. K

    WinXP+ASIO - Playing 192Khz Files as a Bit-Perfect stream

    In the previous post http://www.hifivision.com/computer-audio/42191-playing-192khz-files-bit-perfect-stream.html , I had listed the hardware setup for getting the SPDIF from the Motherboard to the DAC and using Linux to play a file. In this post I assume you have seen the hardware...
  7. Bluu

    For Those Who Thought Foobar2000 Looks Plain

    I used to be one of those. Not anymore. Check this out: Uploaded with ImageShack.us