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  1. cybervinay

    For Sale FOSTEX FE 208 SIGMA Fullrange Speaker Drivers Pair - Mint

    I am selling my used FOSTEX FE 208 SIGMA speaker drivers These are quite old but not used much. I bough these to build horn speaker design but ended up using them as surround speaker in my home theater room. These were in storage for long time. Asking Price is INR 14000 for the pair...
  2. F

    For Sale Fostex FE206e Fullrange (BiB enclosure optional)

    Hello again! Up for sale is a pair of Fostex FE206e Fullrange drivers. It is right now housed in a BiB enclosure without any crossovers in the mix. Ideal for low-powered tube amps and tripath amps, as the drivers have an incredible efficiency of 96dB per Watt. Great driver to get a taste of...
  3. A

    Wanted Full Range Drivers for DIY

    Dear FM and DIY Enthusiasts I am thinking of trying out a DIY idea. I need good Full Range Drivers from Fostex, etc. If anyone has any spare ones for sale please let me know. Or if you know where i could buy good DIY drivers in India, please tell me. Thanks
  4. J

    For Sale Audire IO2s in Mumbai

    Hi All, I am completely revamping my audio setup and most of my equipment will be put up for sale over the next few days. First up are my Audire IO2s. These are single driver speakers using Fostex drivers in a truhorn design. They have bass response extending into the 30s and overcome...
  5. R

    Full range drivers available in India

    My Salute to Suri, soundsgreat and other masters of DIY speakers here... I wanted to help my cousin buy a pair of full range drivers for a project he is working on.... he is looking for 6" or above sized drivers.... Somewhere in the forum I have read Peerless, Philips(only from Pune?)...