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  1. Santy

    How about Framed Movie Posters for your HT room?

    Hi Guys Take a look at this, if its worth it. I ordered for a poster from bluegape Not a big collection there, but I got just what I wanted. Its a 2 ft x 3 ft poster; got it shipped and gave it locally for framing (about 2" thick) It has really added to the aesthetics of my HT...
  2. M

    Frameless and Frame Technology - No Information

    Hi, I am newbee... many like others, I am in line to buy a Plasma. I went through many sites, and models. At end I have short listed 2 options: LG 42PJ350 and LG 42PJ650. Only differnce between 2 is Frame technology. PJ650 is Frameless, and PJ350 is with Frame. I tried calling LG support...