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full range speakers

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. cybervinay

    SOLD Pair of Fostex FE203En-S Special edition full range speaker drivers

    Selling a pair of used Fostex FE203En-S Special edition full range speaker drivers If you are not aware please search about this speaker. There were only 500 pairs made and people have got great results from this full range speakers This is super heavy (magnet itself is approx 2Kg) and you need...
  2. Kannan

    For Sale Pair of 12 inch Arphi Aquarious full range speakers in excellent condition

    Pair of Arphi Aquarious 12 inch full range speaker drivers in very good condition. Very very rare to find these in such good condition. Price: Rs. 8000 plus shipping For Chennai guys I will give an enclosure free with these drivers (Enclosure size: 36 inches x 14 inches x 12 inches).
  3. sumanhomroy

    For Sale Omega Super 8 with 8" Alnico magnet drivers

    Up for sell Omega Super 8 with 8" Alnico magnet drivers, this are unique speakers with 8" full range hemp drivers with Alnico magnets. The enclosures are made with bitch ply, the drivers feature aluminum baskets, and the drives are held in place with brass machine screws. Single driver speakers...
  4. Kannan

    For Sale Akai SW-35 full range speakers

    Up for grabs is a vintage Akai SW-35 full range transmission line speakers from the jet stream series. It is in good cosmetic and working condition. It uses a Fostex FE-103 Alnico magnet full range driver in a transmission line enclosure design. Specs: Type: 1 way, single driver...
  5. H

    Wanted FUll Range Speaker Driver

    Anybody have any good full range speaker drivers for sale.Please PM me with details if anyone have a good pair for sale.
  6. bijinmb

    The Singularities MLTL - Dayton PS220 8" Full Range - Build

    Hi Folks, Just thought of sharing the project "The Singularities" with Dayton PS220-8 Point source 8" Full ranger. Its worth going through the author's page before getting into this. URL: Speaker Design Works A quick overview of the specifications: Cabinet type: MLTL Driver: Dayton PS220-8...
  7. H

    iwai speakers

    Hi all anybody have any idea on this Indian brand Iwai Electronics Pvt. Ltd. products are seems to be hi quality ones
  8. S

    full range driver selection for DIY home system

    Hello, could you please help in selecting speaker drivers for home sound system (thinking of a stereo as of now) to be used with LCD tv for movies and playing mp3 songs from laptop/mobile? After going through the forums I am thinking to go for a pair full range speaker drivers (thinking-...