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full range

  1. cybervinay

    SOLD Pair of Fostex FE203En-S Special edition full range speaker drivers

    Selling a pair of used Fostex FE203En-S Special edition full range speaker drivers If you are not aware please search about this speaker. There were only 500 pairs made and people have got great results from this full range speakers This is super heavy (magnet itself is approx 2Kg) and you need...
  2. A

    Wanted Full Range Drivers for DIY

    Dear FM and DIY Enthusiasts I am thinking of trying out a DIY idea. I need good Full Range Drivers from Fostex, etc. If anyone has any spare ones for sale please let me know. Or if you know where i could buy good DIY drivers in India, please tell me. Thanks
  3. S

    Single Driver Rear Loaded Horn Speakers

    There is something magical about the combination of Single Ended Triode Amplifiers and High Efficiency Single Driver Full Range Speakers. Such a system provide the most detailed rendition of vocal and instrumental music. Full range drivers have a class of its own. Typically these drivers have a...
  4. R

    Another Altec Build

    Hi Guys, This is going to be my altec build thread. It was love at first hear from the time I heard Rajiv's rig about 10 months ago. Since then I have been reaching out to a lot of my friends in the Cine industry for altec drivers. Now I have found these. The good guys at KPN just dropped...
  5. A

    An budget DIY loudspeaker it in India?

    Hi friends.. I want to do a DIY project. This will be my first, so i am looking for a kit. The cabinet i can build with the help of a carpenter. I am on a break form work so have a lot of time on hand. I would prefer a full range with a super tweeter. Or maybe an open baffle setup. I...
  6. santhosh

    Rare Find - Pioneer PL-15 TT & Pioneer CS-15 Spks

    Look what I found!!:yahoo: Pioneer PL-15 [New in Box condition]and Pioneer CS-15 Speakers from the early of 1970's:licklips: Reading on Vinyl Engine, AudioKarma etc indicate that their Vintage is circa 1970. @Sachu888, Rajiv, Anilva, Hiten: Thanks for your advice and encouragement in this...