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Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
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    For Sale Fostex FE206e Fullrange (BiB enclosure optional)

    Hello again! Up for sale is a pair of Fostex FE206e Fullrange drivers. It is right now housed in a BiB enclosure without any crossovers in the mix. Ideal for low-powered tube amps and tripath amps, as the drivers have an incredible efficiency of 96dB per Watt. Great driver to get a taste of...
  2. J

    My First DIY MLTL Speaker Build

    Hi Folks, I am happy to share my journey from germination of the idea to build the Speakers to its fruition. Background: In the thread http://www.hifivision.com/diy/22729-bug-has-bitten.html, I outlined the circumstances that prompted me to consider a DIY build of Speakers...
  3. R

    Assembling a 7.1 home Theatere

    i have been trying to build a 7.1 home theatere for my PC but iam bit confused in some portions of the process Selecting the amplifiers I have decided to use an amplifier made of 4440 IC which would give me a 80W output is that enough?? Selecting speakers I have bought 6 pioneer 120W 6...
  4. R

    Full range drivers available in India

    My Salute to Suri, soundsgreat and other masters of DIY speakers here... I wanted to help my cousin buy a pair of full range drivers for a project he is working on.... he is looking for 6" or above sized drivers.... Somewhere in the forum I have read Peerless, Philips(only from Pune?)...