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Home Theatre Systems
  1. L

    RIP Mauro Penasa

    Mauro Penasa, the Italian designer of the highly-regarded MyRef and Evolution amplifiers, has died following a motorcycle accident: Mauro Penasa tragically passed away - diyAudio His name will be immortal in audiophile circles thanks to his design contributions, particularly the MyRef...
  2. M

    Gainclone or budget amp for el-cheapo speakers?

    Hi everyone, After lurking around for years I decided to join the forums. I have been into headphones for years and have a collections of several headphones and headamps. However, because of the constant peskiness of the wife (who doesn't like leaving me alone and isolated with my headphones...
  3. K

    DIY Gainclone for PC usage

    Here is a gainclone for pc usage circuit does not focus miracles in SQ but it is easy to use and mix well with PC . -small size with regulated fan cooling -small easy to fabricate cabinet,if u find difficult grab local AMP ..in bangalore i see amps with AL(soso quality) front in...