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Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. M

    Listen to your music collection while you play games on Steam

    Hi friends, Just came accross this and wanted to share with you guys. Listen to your music collection while you play games on Steam with Steam Music Player News - Introducing the Steam Music Player
  2. B

    For Sale Xbox 360 4 GB Console + Kinect Sensor + 250 GB XBOX + 4 Games + 1 M Gold Membership

    Hi, Having for sale an Xbox 360 4 GB Console with Kinect Sensor with 250 GB add on internal storage and some games. Bought on August, 2012 in US from Dell. It is with Indian power brick. After buying added internal 250 GB HDD in US only. Also I have not used 1 Month Xbox LIVE Gold...
  3. C

    Wanted PSP Games and PS2 controllers

    Like the title suggests, I'm looking to buy PSP UMDs and PS2 Controllers asap. Nephews are getting bored and it's too hot to play outside for all day long. Please let me know what can I buy from you guys? Also, if there are any Bangalore based folks who can lend me the UMDs and Controllers...
  4. B

    For Sale XBOX 360 - 6 Popular Games (sealed package, bought from US)

    XBOX 360 - 6 popular Games. Packing intact not opened. Bought from US. 1. SNIPER ELITE -V2 - Rs 1900 2. SONIC GENERATIONS - Rs 1800 3. THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN - Rs 1700 4. FORZA HORIZON - Rs 2000 5. KINETIC RUSH A DISNEY PIXAR ADVENTURE - Rs 500 6. GEARS OF WAR 3 - Rs 1500 For pictures please...
  5. drkavint

    Help me

    HI EVERYONE, i would like to buy a game console with motion gaming, planned for x box3+kinet/ ps3+ MOVE budget is 25,000. please suggest me where ( in chennai/ bangalore ) can i get hacked/ modded player at market. i own ps2 hacked, my games cd cost only 40-50 rs. when compared to original...
  6. T

    need help !!

    I am planning to set my media room, the dimensions are 12x14, my usage is 60% music( more of mid ranges),20% games and 20% movies. do I need to go for 5.1 or just two towers should be good enough? so far I have been thinking on below configuration. 1. Denon 1911 ~37k 2. I am really confused...
  7. P

    HT package under 30K

    I would like to buy a 5.1 package for my 42 inch LCD. We live in an apartment and cannot hence play the system at high volumes. Moreover, it should sound decent for games (on XBox 360), music (soft rock and old hindi numbers) and movies. Lemme know if I am asking for too much for that price...