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gaming speakers

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    Help, 5.1 speakers for gaming, dolby digital, f&d f5090 connectivity!!!

    hello, i am looking to buy 5.1 speakers for gaming only. I have narrowed down my selection to f&d f5090. But here i have run into a problem as i have zero knowledge of RCA jacks given in the specifications description page of the product.(F&D F5090 | 5.1 Home Theater Speakers |...
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    Too good to be true?

    Hi forum, this is my first post and I would greatly appreciate your help. I have been searching for a while now for a reasonably priced set of 5.1 speakers so I can finally enjoy my PS3 system to the fullest extent, i.e. true 5.1 surround sound for movies, Blu-ray and games. This is the...
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    Need suggestions for a 5.1 HTIB for Gaming & Movies

    Hi everyone! I am Dwaipayan and this is my first post in this forum. I am looking for a 5.1 setup for my PC which I use primarily for gaming and watching movies. However, in my search I did not find any decent 5.1 PC speakers available in today's market. So I changed my focus to Home Theater...
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    Speakers under 20k!

    My first post here. I am happy to find a forum dedicated to quality audio/video for Indians. I have Creative T6060 connected to ALC888 onboard of 740G mobo. I am planning to buy Creative X-FI Titanium card. T6060 has served me very well for gaming and music. Movies with 2 ch weren't good...