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Wharfedale Evo 4.2
  1. E

    Garrard SL95b or technics SL-D3

    Both are in good condition and cost the same. Which turntable should i buy and why? Are spare parts for either ones available in india? Please help . Thanks in Advance
  2. S

    Garrard Turntable - need some repair

    I have a Garrard Turntable, which needs some repair. Does anyone have any recommendations on who I can get in touch with (in Bangalore)? -Shruti
  3. soulforged

    Plinth Design for Garrard 301/401

    Was trawling through Audio Circle when I came accross this page from Promitheus Audio where Nick's showing his design for a Plinth for Garrard 301/401. Since there were no direct links to the page, thought I'd post it here in case someone is interested - Garrard Plinth Has anybody...
  4. C

    Garrard Vs Dual Turntable - need advice

    Greetings Vintage-audiophiles, I came across some deals which seem pretty decent, First one - not so interested Philips vintage hi q international record player with three speed control Second, Garrard Zero 100 transcription automatic 2 speeds TT seller claims he has upgraded the...
  5. N

    For Sale Phillips HiQ Syatem + Garrard 6.200 C

    Hi friends, Up for sale here is the Philips HiQ International System a popular system of the 70s. The system was purchased somewhere around 1976-77. The Philips HiQ System along with Garrard 6.200 C is encased in a rosewood cabinet with 2 HiQ spkrs and 2 speakers in the cabinet. The whole...
  6. T

    Queries : Lenco B52 Turntable and (Dutch) Philips radiogram with Garrard 8 LP changer

    Howdy All Anyone know these two models? I have my lenco in hand but the radiogram is still on the way. I was told it was in working condition before it went into disuse about 8 yrs ago. The gentleman who sold it was not very sure of the Garrard TT model No but told me that it was an 8"(?)" Lp...
  7. L

    Turntable Repairs

    I have a Garrard Turntable Model 6-300, sometime from the 80s. It needs repairs, as it was opened up and the person who started the work has since disappeared. all the parts are there. I have been looking fo someone in Bangalore for the last 2 years. Can anyone help? Willing to take it to any...