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  1. M

    Netflix's user interface(UI) in Iffalcon K2A is pixelated and blurry

    I don't know why the videos play in 4k but the UI is blurry and all the letters look smudged and the pictures look low res and I have contacted Netflix as well and they said they cannot help and I need to stream in some other device. Does anybody have a fix? I tried Netflix from my ps4 and the...
  2. reachkalyan.kr

    For Sale Google chrome cast Audio , Chrome cast ,Bluetooth Adapter

    Letting it go who is looking for Google chrome cast Audio , Chrome cast - both received as gift.( have original invoice, if required will PM purchased for Rs 6458) Ordered date Dec 31/2017 ,Delivery date 02/Jan 2018. Google Chrome cast Audio - Complete package , Chrome Cast _ Complete package...
  3. ratheesh

    Google Play Music All Access Subscription launched in India

    Google has introduced the Play Music subscription in India back in September last year, where you can upload songs from your local library and purchase songs separately, but today the company has launched the All Access subscription with unlimited song download and streaming of songs. Google...
  4. akhil7j

    For Sale Google Nexus 10 16GB Tablet. Mint Condition.

    Hi, I am selling off my Google Nexus 10 Tablet which was bought in December 2012. Purchased from US Google Play store and shipped via Shopandship. The tablet is in excellent condition. No scratches anywhere and no problem in hardware/software as well. The tablet has 16GB Internal memory...
  5. unBound

    Google Squared for product searches

    Hi all, I am sure that most of us run into the problem of wanting to do comparison searches each time we see a new product or want to see a product and figure out how it stacks up wrt something similar. Yes, we scour through forums and manufacturer websites and comparison websites and hope...