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grey market

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. K

    Denon X1200W for 49K or X3200W for 70K?

    I might have the option of getting my hands on the Denon X3200W for 70K - fresh piece, imported, grey market, no warranty, no bill. Or I can go with the default option of Denon X1200W with authorized dealer with 1 year India warranty and bill. Which one would you choose, and why not the other?
  2. K

    Grey market imported receivers

    #7 - Grey market imported receivers Has anyone bought grey-market imported receivers from online sites, or local dealers who provide seller warranty and/or no warranty? Were there any hiccups in your experience? Who would you recommend as dealers who can supply at competitive rates to...
  3. G

    60'' to 70'' TV - Grey market price please

    Hey guys! I'm looking to buy a 60 to 70 inch TV. Plasma/LCD/LED no bar. Company/brand no bar. 1)What is the cheapest price [just a ballpark] for a TV that big? 2) Any dealers from gaffar market that you could recommend? 3) Has anyone used SHARP? What is your view of SHARP vs...
  4. E

    Sony Hx750 is LED backlit or edgelit, does it matter?

    I am going to buy it but someone in forum said that Backlit LED are better , is it so? And what is about Sony HX750 of 46 inch. Pls Tell me price in grey market. ANywhere Mumbai, Bangalore or Chennai.
  5. E

    Buying decision , need Help for 55 inch LED or Plasma and which model

    Hello friends. I just sold my 40 in Sony LCD TV. I need to buy TV urgently otherwise my kids will kill me for Doraeman and wife for 'Big-boss' Please consider following points 1. I finallised Sony 46 inch HX 750 as its cost 71000 in grey market and thats what my max budget is. Its 3d...
  6. S

    Grey Market Shop In Pune for LED TV.

    Hi, I saw price difference between Thailand, Singapore & US market against Indian market. :sad: A huge price difference. Why the hell this consumer electronic goods like HT component and Flat Panel TVs are so costly here in India?:mad: I want to buy 40 inch LED TV but when I compare our...
  7. H

    Grey Market shop in Delhi for Marantz AVR

    Today I went to Gaffar Market in Delhi with hope to buy/enquire Marantz AV7005. There was not any single shop selling AVRs/pre-pro. For most of them it was a new terminology. One Singh Electronics said that they can source Yamaha with Bill+Warranty. Any idea where can one buy Marantz AV7005 in...
  8. G

    Sony LCD from ebay/ grey market

    Hi All, I need suggestion from you people for buying Sony LCD TV. I found significant price diff between showroom price and ebay price for Sony LCD 32 and 40 ex400 series. provided with bill and one year seller's warranty. Is it ok to buy from ebay and are these genuine Sony products. Your...