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group buy

Luxman Amplifiers India
  1. R

    Need Help in finalizing PS51F5500 Sam Plasma TV : my 4year kid is unable to decide!

    Hi I am newbie to this forum and to the world of Plasma / LED TVs. In fact, the last 29 Inch LG Flatron that I had - tanked off almost 3 yrs back (picture tube issue). Since then, I never found the need of a TV I watch most of the movies, fav serials on my laptop and my wife, in-laws...
  2. R

    Harbeth speakers

    I have been on a lookout for Harbeth speakers for some time in the used market. But haven't had much luck. There are one odd listings once in a while but the asking price isn't really encouraging. So I decided to look at the Brand new market. In my quest, I spoke to the India dealer about the...
  3. A

    50 inch Plasma in Hyderabad

    Guys, it's been an ongoing, never-ending quest for the perfect balance of quality and economy. Let's close in for the kill now. Those who are in for it, let's decide on the one we are going for and initiate a group buy. This waiting is too much...!
  4. P

    Group Buy - Panasonic 50VT20

    As per the suggestion by some forum members, I am starting this thread for wider reach. Lets build a list for this group buy. I am trying my best to get a price of around 65k with 2x 3D glasses and 3 years warranty on the TV and ship across India from Bangalore.
  5. P

    Best Price - Panasonic Plasma in Bangalore

    I have negotiated the best prices for Panasonic Plasmas as below: 50V20 - 65k with free Logitech Wireless Keyboard (till October 25th) 42ST30 - 64k with 2x 3D glasses and Logitech Wireless Keyboard (till October 25th) 50ST30 - 90k with 2x 3D glasses and Logitech Wireless Keyboard (till...
  6. P

    Best Price - Samsung 43D450 Plasma

    I have negotiated a group buy offer of 32.9k for 43D450 as a one time offer for about 10 quantity. I have already found about 4 buyers. Let me know if more are interested. This offer is currently for Bangalore members only. Cash on delivery, 0% finance scheme and credit card swipe (2%...
  7. L

    Group Buy: Mauro Penasa MyRef Rev C kit

    This thread is for expression of interest in the Mauro Penasa MyRef Rev C monoblock kits discussed at various threads at diyAudio: My "audiophile" LM3886 approach - diyAudio The new "My Ref" Rev C thread - diyAudio MyRefC build guide - diyAudio I will be offering a kit (including the...
  8. srinisundar

    Group buy- For all products

    Dear All HFV Members, I am from Chennai region...:) With MOD permission i am starting this thread which can be mutualy benifit for HIFI enthu's, specificaly for "GROUP BUY" for Products related to HIFI alone which can be starting from cables to highend projectors. Members can see in...