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harman kardon

Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker
  1. E

    Sounds too low - Hartman Kardan

    Hi. Got a Harman Kardon receiver model HK3390. The problem is the sound is way too low. You only hear something when the volume is at maximum and it’s still very low. The speakers are good, they work with my other receiver, and so are my turntable and CD-player. Everything is connected the way...
  2. A

    Yamaha RX-V683 vs Denon AVR-X2400H - Which is the best?

    Hello All Experts, Hope you all are doing good! I would like to seek help from you all for the above 2 Amplifiers that I have shortlisted based on my below requirements (however, one can suggest alternates as well; my budget is between Rs. 55'000/- to Rs. 66'000/- INR) 1) I would like to have...
  3. M

    Better 2.1 system: m50w vs Soundsticks iii

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out which one is the best buy out of these two: Hivi Swan m50w Harman Kardon Soundsticks iii (wireless) Nobody online seems to compare them directly and I'm thinking they're not comparable but since they're at a similar price point I wanted to know if someone has...
  4. A

    Looking to purchase speakers for under 20k

    Hi, am new to the forum and have been browsing lot of posts. Learning a lot about sound equipment's & am looking to purchase speakers for a budget of max. Rs. 20,000. Purpose: Small house parties for about 20 persons. Listen to EDM, House and Bollywood mostly. Speaker feature...
  5. M

    For Sale For Sale Harman Kardon HK 3490 Stereo A/V Receiver

    Selling my Harman Kardon HK 3490 Stereo AV Receiver. Rarely used as I don't listen to music regularly and it wasn't connected to my HT. Imported by Sahil Intl. and bought locally from an authorised dealer in Delhi with bill and warranty (not valid anymore). Product details: Model: Harman...
  6. M

    Harman Kardon 3480 Vs 3490

    Hi Can anyone guide me what are the enhancements in HK 3490 vs 3480 ( other than optical input, better FM receiver) Im getting a second hand HK 3480 ( 2yr old good condition) for Rs.20,000 while brand new HK 3490 is for Rs35,000 Will it be worth to go in for a new HK 3490 or 2 year old 3480...
  7. R

    Harman Kardon AVR 70+ HKTS 5

    I wanted to know about this avr+speaker package. Is this a good buy for Rs. 42000/- Is there any other alternative for a AVR+5.1 Speaker Package below Rs. 50000/- I am new to all this stuff. And have no idea as to what should i exactly look upon. I will be watching only movies and some casual...
  8. Z

    Home Theater / Multiroom Audio Setup (Denon)

    I am looking for some advice on the best way to set up a multiroom audio setup. I have the following speakers in the house all terminating at the same location (media cabinet under TV). Location of Speakers: Family Room - 5.1 Patio - 2 Speakers with volume control Master Bedroom...
  9. S

    5.1 av receiver + speaker option for Home Theatre

    I am looking at buying a 5.1 channel AV receiver + a 5.1 speaker system, to replace an old HTIB from Sony. Need to connect a HD set-top box, a DVD player, and other players to this receiver (the first 2 through HDMI). Budget between 40 and 50k. Have seen Yamaha HTR 3064 (connected to Jamo 5.1...
  10. MADMAX

    Jamo,Klipsch,Harman Kardon Which one?

    So here is the deal, My brother wants to buy a HT package from a dealer in Guwahati. The sad part is that the only brands available there are: Jamo & Klipsch & Harman Kardon, Denon & Marantz , Yamaha Amps are also available Guys please suggest a HT package (minus the player)...
  11. G

    Pinnacle5.1 speakers...need new amp?

    HELP! I am new to this site. I just purchased Pinnacle speakers 5.1, & hope I didn't make a mistake. Will be used almost exclusively for music. Bought to replace my 27 year old tower speakers, which still work, but thought time to upgrade. Have Harman Kardon 3475 receiver, which is only...
  12. utkarsh

    For Sale Harman Kardon AVR133 with JBL SCS 200.5

    Dear Friends, I am selling Harman Kardon AVR133 with JBL SCS 200.5 - 5.1 Simply Cinema Loudspeaker System. 1) harman kardon AVR133: Age : 2 years Condition : 8/10 2) JBL SCS 200.5 Age : 2 years Condition : 9/10 - Front USB 2.0 port for Audio Decoding from Memory Stick - Dolby...
  13. A

    For Sale excellent quality AVR Harman Kardon 134

    For Sale excellent quality AVR Harman Kardon 134. 5 X 100W 5.1-Channel A/V Receiver with HDMI Switching Just 1 month after purchase. Used approx. 10 hrs. Still 11 months warranty left. No scratch, nothing, in extremely good condition. All accessories, cables, full packaging included. (I...
  14. R

    Need on choosing Speakers And Amps Etc.

    Hello Everyone , i m Raj , i m new with these kind of High-End Sound Systems , As you all told me i have changed my mind now i think a proper music system ll be always better than HT Sys for music and movies..... I just called up a dealer in HYD ,so he asked me to visit his place and...
  15. K

    Best Stereo Receivers / Amplifiers for JBL ES 80 speakers

    Hi! I have a pair of JBL ES 80 speakers and I wanted to check on the best receiver to couple it with. All this while I had thought of a HK 3380 as they come from the same family etc. but the more I talk to friends and read. . . I am confused. I was told to check out NAD, Onkyo, Rottel...