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hd audio

Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 & 11.2 Speakers
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    will a class AB power amp work well with a pre for Master Audio and True HD

    Hi, Will the older class AB amps work well to support the dynamic of Master Audio and Dolby True HD ? I would like to know if a class AB multi channel power amp (example Sherbourn, Anthem or Parasound) will work well with a pre-processor that supports Master Audio and Dolby True HD...
  2. A

    Best way to get HD quality audio out from a Macbook to a Denon receiver

    Hey, I have a full HT setup with Denon AVR1705 receiver and Infinity/Bose speakers, and usually end up watching bluray movies on the Macbook by connecting a normal audio out from headphone port of the Mac to the receiver and the HDMI video output from the Mac is connected to the projector...
  3. N

    HT Connection Scenario

    Hi, Can someone share their knowledge on how best to connect mulitple systems? How should we connect the systems say for example Full HD TV with HDMI, AVR with HDMI, PS3, WD TV Live Laptop with HDMI output Do we need to connect two HDMI one going to AVR for HD Audio and one...