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hdmi cable

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    Long HDMI cables

    Hi Friends , I am looking to buy a Projector (at present have Optoma ML550 in mind) in couple of months . But as I have civil work going on , was looking to have concealed wiring done for projector. So was looking to buy a HDMI wire to connect from my AVR Denon 2113 to projector (which may be...
  2. J

    QED HDMI Cables

    Have read a lot about these cables in hi-fi magazines.... how the performance? Where is it available? Need 15 mts lenght! 1.4!
  3. S

    Denon AVR1312 HDMI video signal flickering problems

    When I try to connect my laptop to the TV screen via amp the tv screen flickers very frequently. I have a Denon AVR1312 amp (yr.2012), Macbook 13-inch Aluminum (yr.2008) and Panasonic Plasma 42" (yr.2011). I am also using a mini-display port to hdmi convertor and 10 mtr average quality HDMI...
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    MX brand HDMI (v1.4) cable 15meters - my experience with PS3/projector

    [This thread should have been posted in Audio/Video cable section (mistook digital cable for cable ;-)) - moderators, please help move it there, didnt know how to move it after the post] Needed a 10-15m HDMI cable. Went to SP road, bangalore & after looking around, got a 10m MX brand 1.4...
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    DAC Speaker Cable Price and 40' HDMI cable for Home Theater

    Hi, I am building a dedicated HT room and have bought DAC 10 gauge (OFC SPK10) cable 50m at the dealer's suggestion. The price he charged is Rs. 250/mtr. Also I have bought subwoofer cable DAC 50m at Rs. 100/mtr for other rooms. I just want to confirm if these are the right prices. :o I...
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    HDMI cable purchase help??

    Hi, I have recently purchased a 32 inch Sony Bravia (32V550) and am also planning to get a WDTV live from US (through a friend). I want to connect these 2 devices with HDMI cable. I am interested to know which HDMI cable should I purchase which would be best for this purpose and also which...