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hdmi cable

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  1. OM_2K19

    Expensive HDMI cables make no difference and here's why

    Hello FMs, I just across this article, so thought of sharing with the forum. Review this and feel free to share your experience. https://www.expertreviews.co.uk/tvs-entertainment/7976/expensive-hdmi-cables-make-no-difference-and-heres-why
  2. surendar

    For Sale QED Performance HDMI Cable 2M

    For sale is a QED Performance HDMI Cable. Length 2 meter. This was purchased in the year 2010 and is in very good condition. Price Rs 3500/- Can be shipped to anywhere in India at buyer's cost and risk.
  3. N

    Need Cable Advice for this setup

    Hi All, This is my planned setup Polk Audio TL1600 Speaker package (back surround speakers will be approximately 45 feet wire distance from the av receiver) Polk Audio RC60i In Ceiling speaker (Pair) (these will be approximately 30 feet wire distance from the av receiver) Yamaha RX-V585 7.2 Ch...
  4. surendar

    For Sale Cables and Interconnects

    Below cables and interconnects are for sale. Can be shipped to anywhere in India at buyer's cost and risk. 1) The Chord company Clearway speaker Cable. 2 Mtr pair terminated with high quality soldering free banana plugs. Price - Rs 4000/- 2) Ghentaudio 1 Mtr Stereo RCA Analogue audio cable...
  5. V

    Long HDMI cables

    Hi Friends , I am looking to buy a Projector (at present have Optoma ML550 in mind) in couple of months . But as I have civil work going on , was looking to have concealed wiring done for projector. So was looking to buy a HDMI wire to connect from my AVR Denon 2113 to projector (which may be...
  6. J

    QED HDMI Cables

    Have read a lot about these cables in hi-fi magazines.... how the performance? Where is it available? Need 15 mts lenght! 1.4!
  7. S

    Denon AVR1312 HDMI video signal flickering problems

    When I try to connect my laptop to the TV screen via amp the tv screen flickers very frequently. I have a Denon AVR1312 amp (yr.2012), Macbook 13-inch Aluminum (yr.2008) and Panasonic Plasma 42" (yr.2011). I am also using a mini-display port to hdmi convertor and 10 mtr average quality HDMI...
  8. R

    MX brand HDMI (v1.4) cable 15meters - my experience with PS3/projector

    [This thread should have been posted in Audio/Video cable section (mistook digital cable for cable ;-)) - moderators, please help move it there, didnt know how to move it after the post] Needed a 10-15m HDMI cable. Went to SP road, bangalore & after looking around, got a 10m MX brand 1.4...
  9. I

    DAC Speaker Cable Price and 40' HDMI cable for Home Theater

    Hi, I am building a dedicated HT room and have bought DAC 10 gauge (OFC SPK10) cable 50m at the dealer's suggestion. The price he charged is Rs. 250/mtr. Also I have bought subwoofer cable DAC 50m at Rs. 100/mtr for other rooms. I just want to confirm if these are the right prices. :o I...
  10. V

    HDMI cable purchase help??

    Hi, I have recently purchased a 32 inch Sony Bravia (32V550) and am also planning to get a WDTV live from US (through a friend). I want to connect these 2 devices with HDMI cable. I am interested to know which HDMI cable should I purchase which would be best for this purpose and also which...