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hdmi cables

AV Cables
  1. A

    Suggestions on Cables and Interconnects

    I finally decided to buy 7.2 Ch setup.My Setup includes 1)Denon X2300W 2)F.S-Sonodyne 2605 V3 3)Rears-Sonus R-ears V3 4)Surrounds-Sonus 1501 v3 5)Center-C2501 6)Subs-Velodyne Impact 12 7)Source-Pioneer BDP180 8)42"TV Now comes the crucial part, as I am new to this HiFi world, I'm in...
  2. O

    Cheap or not? Amazon Basics vs Connectionlab

    I wanted to write about an important issue of the cables we use cause they are connected with every piece of equipment. Also, whenever I browse through this and my other favourite forums and sites on technology I come across a flamewar about is it important or necessary to invest in good HDMI...
  3. RMCWS

    Picture freezing from Laptop to TV via AVR - Help

    I am facing problem with video files being freezed and/or skipping when ever I try to connect my laptop to tv directly or laptop => avr => tv. My laptop is Acer AOD270, AVR is Yamaha RX V373 and TV is Sony 40 EX430 First I tried to connect my laptop to the TV via HDMI cable, but when ever...