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hdmi splitter switcher

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    Alternate of single HDMI o/p for yht 299

    Hello everybody... I have got DTH (Yamaha yht 299) with single HDMI o/p but I use my LED tv sometime and Projector other time. SO need to unplug hdmi cable again and again. Does anybody have solution for it? I have ordered below item but it does not work as needed. It takes 3 input &...
  2. A

    Please help !!!

    All: I have always got great guidance, advice and Support from HFV. Need another help from all my friends out there - Can someone please suggest a good HDMI Splitter? I am looking for a Splitter; which can split my AVR's Monitor output to two or three. One for my LED TV; One for my...
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    Advice on HDMI SPlitter (1 X 2)

    Hi All , I am looking for HDMI Splitter (1 input & 2 Output) . Please advice me. I see 1 on ebay Please advice me another good one if any.. Mods - Please move this Thread if found in wrong Q.
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    HDMI splitter/switcher recommendation and where to buy?

    Hey guys, Have my home theatre setup finally :yahoo: Now I need advise from you gurus out here... Need an HDMI splitter/switcher 4 input 2 output (4x2) to output to my HD projector (Optoma HD 33) and Plasma (Panasonic ST50) (ideally 5k or less if there is no visible loss in quality)...