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Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 & 11.2 Speakers
  1. V

    TV Calibration Services in Bangalore

    Hi All, Does anyone know if there are professional HDTV calibration services available in Bangalore? If so, how much do they approximately charge for calibrating a 55" TV?
  2. A

    5.1 Surround does not work while playing through HDMI

    Devices TV - Samsung 3D HDTV UA40D6600WRXZN HT - Samsung-HT-D330K 5.1 DTH - SunDirect HD Setup The Home Theatre is connected to TV via Digital optical cable.(HT doesn't have HDMI, optical is the only option). Now the DTH is connected to TV via HDMI (ARC). TV has 4 HDMI ports and only...
  3. D

    32 Inch LED TV - Which one to buy?

    Hi All, I want to buy a good LED TV. My Requirements are - 1. LED TV. 2. Non Smart, Non 3D. 3. Good sound, Picture Quality. 4. Budget around 25-30 thousand INR. 5. The TV will primarily be using the TV for watching normal TV programmes (in non HD) and for watching Cricket...
  4. G

    which HD DTH connection to subscribe to?

    hi all I was wondering which HD DTH service should i subscribe to given the fact that i am new to the DTH service concept as i a subscriber of my local cabel TV operator through a DEN digital STB installed on my LG CRT.i require this DTH service for my upcoming purchase of a 47-50 inch FHD...
  5. M

    Creative Inspire 5.1 as Home Theater for Samsung smart TV

    Hi guys, Im new to this forum, thanks. I have a problem, I have a 5.1 Creative Inspire PC Speakers that I want to connect to my Samsung Smart TV as a home theater speaker. my problem is (I've already connected the RCA jacks of the 5 small speakers to the Subwoofer, and the last thing to do is...
  6. F

    Need expert help !!! LG 32ln4900 or LG 32ln5650???

    hi experts need help in choosing between these two models ?? LG 32Ln4900 or LG 32Ln5650??? LG 32ln4900 inbuid speaker is 10w LG 32ln5650 inbuid speaker is 120w My doubt: 10w speaker is enough or do we need 120w inbuild speaker for a 32 inch tv ??
  7. V

    Wall mount vs TV Stand for your HDTV

    What do FM's prefer - Wall mounting or using a TV Stand while installing their large (40'' +) HDTV's ? What did their choice depend on - cost, civil work, ease of installation, children, aesthetics, better PQ etc etc ..? How has it affected their quality of viewing?
  8. K

    50 inch plasma

    50 inch plasma review and group buy Hi me and my friend are planning to buy two tvs in the the list below of 3d full hd tvs. would need suggestions. also the quotes available online. please let me know your suggestions or reviews LG 50PM6700 50 inch around 72000 on infibeam SAMSUNG...
  9. E

    Bought 55 inch sony HX750, Now need Help in using it

    how to watch 3d [side by side] video downloaded to pc to this TV. I connected HDMI and pressed 3d button and SBS option. Both videos are too far side by side. so cant watch them by putting 3d glass on. As TV has youtube and it handles 3d video from there well. Same video when played on pc...
  10. A

    HD satellite receiver for Sony Bravia 40EX520?

    Dear friends, i have recently bought Sony Bravia 40EX520 for my dad and i am very disappointed to know that it does not play .mkv files. Secondly, we have connected our old traditional Satellite Receiver with this bravia tv but image quality is not HD? May you please suggest some good HD...
  11. D

    Yet another newbie asking for suggestions

    Hi guys! This is my first post :) I am located in Mumbai and planning to buy a 40 or 42 inch HDTV (major brands like Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG). I prefer LCD TVs but if the price is right i'd love an LED. My budget: UPTO Rs.43,000 (maximum, cant go beyond that) I read a few posts on...
  12. G

    Will IPL 5 be telecasted in HD?

    Hi, I recently bought a LG 42" LW6500 3D Cinema TV. I was also given a free TataSky HD connection (Even though I already have an TataSky SD connection from 2005). The HD channels clarity is simply amazing. Just out of curiosity, will TataSky add more HD channels this year? Also...
  13. F

    Help with 40 inch TV selection

    Hey, I was planning on buying a 32'' before, but due to some reasons it got postponed. But now, I have decided that I should go for a 40'' Full HD TV. :rolleyes: I will be using this TV mostly to connect to my PC and use it as the secondary monitor mostly for watching movies from the Hard...
  14. F

    URGENT - Help to Decide a 32 inch HDTV

    Hi, I need help asap on choosing an 32 inch HDTV for my bedroom. My choices are limited to these 3 TVs from Sony and Samsung. Sony Bravia EX420 (LED) Samsung D5000 (LED) Sony Bravia NX500 (LCD) Each one of these are priced at similar levels. So I just want help on deciding the best...
  15. V

    Plasma vs LED for Sports Viewing & Gaming

    Hey Guys I have spent almost 2 months trying to figure out which is the best between Plasma & LED for sports viewing. The plasma offers more frames per second hence would be better for sports but lately there have been LED TVs with 200 Mhz . I was almost going to buy LG LW6500 , their 3D TV...
  16. B

    3DTV Mysteries

    Does borderless design plays roll in depth perception of the 3D content? (As said in Welcome to Which? samsung D8000 test). Which 3D Glasses are better? (Samsung's Bluetooth 3D glasses or Sony's IR 3D glasses) (Samsung is claiming that since their glasses are bluetooth based,there will...
  17. vramak

    Choosing an HDTV - What's important and what's not

    DISCLAIMER: All content here, unless specified, is directly taken from the internet from reliable, verifiable sources aggregated through months of HDTV research. Some of the content is based on personal experience gained from having owned two HDTVs. I clipped everything I found during research...
  18. vramak

    Best HDTVs for DVD viewing and gaming

    Hello AV aficionados! I am planning to buy an HDTV soon. Main uses would be, 1. PS3 gaming (almost all the great PS3 games have a native resolution of 720p) 2. DVD viewing (have a big collection that I want to rewatch in the new TV) 3. Occasional Blu ray viewing. I will not watch TV...
  19. S

    Home Theater & HDTV

    Hi I am planning to setup a HDTV and a Home theater in my home Chennai India, The hall size is 15' X 20' Can you suggest me a good HDTV and Home theater, I have plans to invest from 60,000 to 75,000 Rupees on this Kindly let me know, is there anyother things to take care of in terms...
  20. J

    NOOB needing help ! Is this necessary ????

    Long story short, I'm buying the 'PHILIPS 42PFL5603D/10' and to go with it I'm buying the 'Kef eggs kit 530'. Basically do I need an amplifier, Ive been looking at the 'Pioneer VSX-1017AV-S' but was wondering what benefits it would bring me, I'm going to be watching blue ray movies, playing...