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headphone amp

  1. aurobindosaha

    Acoustic Portrait headphone amp

    Hi, Very few know about Acoustic Portrait products, but those who know, I am sure, will agree they are one of the most premium designers and manufacturers of audio equipments. I own Corrson (sister brand of AP) MS 610 floor standing speakers, AP integrated amp, AP Swara DAC and streamer and AP...
  2. G

    Wanted Schiit Magni 2 headphone amp

    Dear all, I'm looking for a Schiit Magni 2 to drive my Beyerdynamic DT880 600 ohm headphones. Anybody willing to sell? Please contact me. :)
  3. W

    Geek Pulse X DAC in the house

    So I finally have my Geek Pulse X DAC/headphone amplifier with dual mono balanced output. Been listening to it since this morning and the sound just blew me away. Guitars, especially acoustic guitars, are more life-like and sound terrific. Mids are nice and clear and the bass has great...
  4. S

    For Sale Asus Xonar Essence STX

    For sale 16 months old asus xonar essence STX sound card/ dac price -7000 including shipping (shipping at owners risk ) condition -9/10 i don't have original box reason for sale -got a mac mini brief description - Hi-FI headphone amplifier/dac Main stereo RCA out...
  5. V

    DAC less then 50$

    Hi, I am looking for a DAC to connect my laptop to my Topping TP20, It should also have a good headphone amp to drive my SOL republic tracks HD headphone. I am not looking at anything very expensive. I saw a few in ebay under the 50$ budget but need help in choosing/suggesting me. ELE EL-D02...
  6. H

    Wanted Headphone amp @ 1000rs

    I'm looking for a used headphone amp for price of 1000rs:licklips:. This will be my first experience with headphone amps:yahoo:, so just want to try out a basic one before buying something premium... Thanks!
  7. S

    Connecting mp3 player to headphone amp to stereo amp

    1. I have a topping tp30 amplifier connected to Dayton b652 speakers. When I connect CD player to the amplifier the sound quality is amazing. However, when I connect mp3 player (Sansa clip zip) the sound quality is very poor and even if I turn on the full volume it does not as good as when when...
  8. A

    Arcam's new usb dac + headphone amplifier - rPAC

    Arcam is coming up with a usb dac + headphone amplifier called rPAC Pricing seems to be around 150 Pounds It has a line out as well. My next item on wishlist. (i hope it has the 6.3 mm socket) Found the following links: Arcam - rPAC - USB DAC / Headphone Amp CES 2012: Arcam adds rPAC...
  9. M

    Indian Made Headphone Amplifiers

    hey guys, anyone aware of any indian brands/manufacturers/hobbyists who make dedicated headphone amps? ive been looking to upgrade my current meier corda 2 move and i'd rather spend my money closer to home. as such, portability and the DAC are a non-issue. I would prefer a tube amp, but...