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help buying speaker

Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
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    Hey everyone....need urgent advice and help

    I was searching all around internet ,YouTube ,Google , yahoo and blah blah blah !!!! But couldn't find a nuclear resolution for my radioactive kinda problem (I know that' Was a filmy line ) but seriously I need help in below points : Note :My dad had purchased a BPL BRAND CLASSIC MUSIC SYSTEM...
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    Rescuing Living Room Ceiling Audio with a Subwoofer

    Hi guys, So I am just setting up my new house in Mumbai, and have a bit of a problem with the sound system. My decorator and fiance did not want me to use regular speakers in the living room so I had to use concealed in ceiling speakers. I was travelling to the US so I bought these (both...
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    Polk RTiA5 or TAGA Harmony Platinum F-120?

    Hi, I am unable to decide between the Polk RTiA5 and the TAGA Harmony F-120 floor standers. The AVR is a Denon AVR-X1200. Prefer a sound that is not too harsh on the highs, with clear mid and lows, punchy bass too. Requesting the experts to help me out!!
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    Help to decide speaker system for Yamaha RX V479

    Guys, I am planning to buy Yamaha Receiver RX-V 479 from the US and get speakers here. Can you please suggest 5.1 speaker systems in the price range of Rs 25K to 35K for me to audition (in Chennai) Shortlisted below (in order of preference) 1. Wharfedale Moviestar 65+ Super 2. Boston...
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    what would u recommend- Dali Vs Klipsch

    hi to all audio guru's. plz help me decide speakers for living room before i start audition in the weeks to come in chennai. plz help me find the right setup. room size - 18 ft * 22 ft usage - 80% movies & 20% music budget 1.2 L future proof esthetic appearance of speakers is also...
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    Advice please....confused

    Hi All, I am having Yamaha rxv675 AV receiver and my room size is 10x19 (feet), seating position is 15 feet away from TV. I am impressed with Pioneer sp fs52 5.1 reviews (but not auditioned), Could you please suggest is these speakers go well with my amp and room dimensions...I prefer...