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hifi amplifier

Mogami Cables
  1. B

    Amplifier needed to run Old Hifi Speakers.

    Hello everyone, I have an old Sony Hifi System, Model no: MHC RV888D. The Main central unit which has a DVD player, cassette player, amps , and where all the speakers connect has broken. I got it repaired once but got broken after running for 2-3 days only. I live in a small city and good...
  2. cybervinay

    For Sale Pass Labs XA100.5 amplifier (clone) (Imported from Russia)

    Note that this listing as for Pass Labs XA100.5 amplifier which is clone of the original pass labs amplifier. See details about the builder and how he got access to original circuit. I got this couple of years back and have been my main amp along with the EAR Yoshino monoblocks. This is one amp...
  3. N

    Marantz PM6005 vs PM6004 +DAC Magic

    Hello all, I'm in-between Marantz PM6005 and PM6004; the first one has an inbuilt DAC with optical and coax inputs. The price I'm getting for PM6004 is very attractive (its around 22K) The newer PM6005 mrp is around 44K, may get it around 40K after some discount. I need a DAC too (Blu-ray...
  4. A

    Suggest a decent Indian amplifier for home

    I'm currently staying in Ludhiana. Good Indian amplifier brands are very hard to find here. Please suggest some good amplifier and place where I can buy them. Delhi is approachable.
  5. M

    amp for old pioneer hifi speakers

    Hi everyone :). I am looking for an amplifier to power a set of old pioneer hi-fi speakers (they are in very good condition and I really love the sound they produce :p). The main unit consisting of the cd player and the cassette player is wrecked & I don't want to get it serviced because I...