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Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. amit11

    mini hifi systems like sony, philips etc

    Hi Friends, Today i just read a thread about class D amplifier, and it triggered a question again in me which i always had in my mind but never found any answer. (though i did not attempt to find aswell) it is related to mini hifi systems like sony, philips etc, sometimes we call them as deck...
  2. B

    Amplifier needed to run Old Hifi Speakers.

    Hello everyone, I have an old Sony Hifi System, Model no: MHC RV888D. The Main central unit which has a DVD player, cassette player, amps , and where all the speakers connect has broken. I got it repaired once but got broken after running for 2-3 days only. I live in a small city and good...
  3. cybervinay

    SOLD For Sale: Clone Of schroeder tonearm - Complete with RCA Socket and ready to use

    I am selling this clone of schroeder tonearm. I got this assembled with some customization in parts and color and also included the RCA connection (see pictures) Costed me excess of Rs. 30K but I am willing to sell it for Rs. 18k Check pics and let me know if you have any queries Thanks for...
  4. Alfahath

    For Sale SVS PB 1000

    Hello fellow members.. I'm posting my 24days old SVS PB1000. With bill and warranty. Reason for sale: it's too loud and big in size according to my dad . I have a DAF (DAD ADJUSTING FACTOR) problem. So I got sunfire d10 which is tiny and more powerfull. With not much of loudness. I can let it go...
  5. S

    Integrated Amp or AV receiver

    Am going to build my first hifi system. Have zeroed in on the elac b6.2 speakers. Have heard very good things about them. However I am super confused if I should get an integrated amp like the mrantz mcr511 or a 5.1 av receiver like the yamaha rxv485. Would love to hear your inputs on the road I...
  6. S

    For Sale Norge 1000 gold with Mission 751 bookshelf

    I'm putting my Norge 1000 gold and Mission 751 bookshelf speakers for sale. Details mentioned as below and photos attached. Model : Norge 1000 gold + Mission 751 Location : Palani, Tamilnadu Price : 23k (negotiable) The price for this combo is very less for the value of this combo Reason for...
  7. surendar

    For Sale QED Performance HDMI Cable 2M

    For sale is a QED Performance HDMI Cable. Length 2 meter. This was purchased in the year 2010 and is in very good condition. Price Rs 3500/- Can be shipped to anywhere in India at buyer's cost and risk.
  8. anirudhchandrashekar

    For Sale Preamplifier, Media Player and Center Speaker

    Got the following 3 items for sale. 1. Adcom SLC-505 Preamplifier 2. Asus Oplay mini HD Media player 3. Infinity Video 1 Center Speaker. Adcom SLC-505: This is a very rare passive preamp by Adcom. Adds no coloration to the power amp so it's just pure analog sound. Hand built in the USA...
  9. V

    USB Cable Length Problem

    Hello everyone, I have KEF LS50 speakers connected to Cambridge Azur 651A amplifier. I am listening music via my Macbook and through a USB cable connected to the amplifier. I want to use my Macbook at 7-8 meters away from the amplifier without loosing any sound quality so I need a solution...
  10. noblejose

    About to pull the trigger on KEF R300

    Hi all, I'm planning to upgrade my KEF Q300 to R300. Done few rounds of audition and liked the R300 very much.. I'm planning to pair it with my Marantz PM7004, and source will be Arcam irDAC and Pioneer BDP-170. I took my electronics to showroom and tried the R300 on my setup and that was...
  11. Y

    HiFi Complete Music Setup with Turn Table & CD Player

    Hi guys, I am planning on building a premium stereo music set-up in my bedroom which is around 200sqft - 250sqft. I went for a couple of demos where I tried the AE's, Dali Opticon 6, B&W 684 S2, B&W 685 S2, B&W CM5 S2 & also a few Paradigm towers. Don't really have a preference towards...
  12. P

    Please suggest Active Speakers 2.0/2.1 - under ?40K

    Hi, I have signed up for some credible advice on speakers which is simply unavaible in the mainstream in this country. 1) I want a 2.0 system, (2.1 will also do) no amps just plug & play active/powered speakers. Between ?20-40,000 2) They must sound LOADS better than Bose 'Signature'...
  13. S

    Studio monitor or hifi which is better for personal music at home ?

    I am confused that should I buy active studio monitors or tower speaker with stereo amp. I need it for just listening music. I donot do any kind of mixing. I saw Tannoy reveal 802 studio monitors are cheap and comparable to buying bookshelf and amp. Please help in making my decision.
  14. D

    Party audio HiFi system for rarely used living room

    Greetings. My first post on the forum and I trust I will follow the rules. My formal living is used about once in a fortnight or once in a month for having friends over for dinner. Typically 10-15 couples. I would like an audio only system to play some music. Typically jazz and vocals but...
  15. K

    Best subwoofer for music under 20000

    I have monitor audio radius r90 speakers and i absolutely love them,even though i love it's tight bass i think a subwoofer will really make a difference.I am looking a subwoofer that can keep up with the radius 90 which means no yamaha and polk,can anyone recommend a good budget subwoofer that...
  16. L

    Hello! Introducing MUZO Cobblestone! :)

    Hi HiFiVision Community! :) I'm Linda and I'm part of the MUZO team. We are launching an awesome product called Cobblestone on kickstarter a crowd funding site. It's a HiFi WiFi audio adapter and music player that allows you to stream your music whether in HiFi or not through your...
  17. nmursekar

    setting up 2 Chanel stereo system. please advice.

    Hi. I am new on this forum. I had been following various posts since last year. I am currently setting up my 2 chanel system for audiophiling. This would be my 2nd setup. Fot HT setup i am having: pioneer vsx 1020k, lg bluray player, wdtv live hub 1tb media player, yamaha ns8390 floorstands...
  18. snshah

    Looking to buy DVD player built in amplifier and FM

    Hello Everybody, I am looking to buy a good quality dvd player for my parents with has built in amplifier and supports FM. Background: My parents were using Sony hifi music system (MHC RV-990D) purchased back in 2003. The amplifier recently gone bad couple of weeks ago. They did some...
  19. Santy

    HiFi Voodoo products

    There seems to be a market for everything. Even for the Ripley's-believe-it-not kind of vood0o products. And some of them are insanely priced. A few have got 'rave' reviews too! This intelligent chip when placed on CDP enhances the sound by reducing the harshness and improved dynamics. It...
  20. kapvin

    Maharashtra Capital Region Meet?

    I guess the title is more representative than a Mumbai meet. I've attended 2 such meets, and kudos to the organisers who put in blood sweat and their hard earned money upfront to organise the meet. And then there is the heartburn of no-shows, not meeting the minimum pax number at the hotel and...