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  1. N

    IEM for under Rs 7,000 (Re262?

    Hi Guys! :) Please help me with this query - I was looking for IEMs to replace my Klipsch S4. Budget is upto Rs 7,000. I'm somewhat intent upon RE262 :ohyeah: after reading reviews and comparisons, but I am not sure where to purchase them from. I live in Delhi NCR and Nehru Place isn't of...
  2. iaudio

    3 Budget IEMs:A noob comparo

    3 Budget IEMs:A noob comparo Dichkaoon! Xears Bullets Hifiman RE2 Soundmagic PL30 Tips used: Bullets- Medium single flange silicone tips(bundled) Interesting point to note is that, for me, because of the short nozzle of the Bullets, biflanges just wouldnt work, as...