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high end

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    In search of a best floorstander !! - Experience & Reviews

    Hi folks, In spending quite an effort for last few years in identifying a best floorstanders for my preferences , I was sometimes let down because of my budget , mismatch of performance ( sound detailing, sonic quality etc.) Back when I started in 2008, I was just another guy in this part...
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    Need help/suggestions for setting up my two channel setup

    Hi All, I think I am finally ready to set up a decent 2 channel setup and would like to get some suggestions from my forum friends. I have been struck by the tube magic lately and would like to set up a tube based system within the next 2-3 months. I will mostly go for a tube integrated...
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    Wilson Audio Sophia 3 Review by Ranjeet Rain

    Wilson Audio Sophia 3 Review by Ranjeet Rain Introduction: As stated in the thread about "Hifi scene in Asia", I embarked upon a week long journey to audition various components that had long been on my "to-audition list". As I have summed up/will sum up in the thread, this audio-yatra was...
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    High end home theater!

    Hey guys, I was planning to go for a home theater. The price is not a problem. Area of room is about 20 x 20 foot. Im looking for: floorstanding, surround, center speakers, woofer, pre amp, a/v reciever, blueray player, projector and screen. The total cost may go upto 15 lakhs. I would...