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home audio system

Castle Knight 2 Speakers
  1. Panda_General

    Looking for home theatre audio system

    This is my first Home Theater setup I need to make a audio setup for 2 lakh preferably a 5.1 I have shortlisted a few setups for my Home theater: The q acoustic 3050i 5.1 cinema pack with the denon avr 2600H or 2700H The monitor audio monitor 200 5.1 speaker pack with the denon avr 2600H or...
  2. I

    For Sale Bose 161 Bookshelf Speakers

    I have a Bose 161 bookshelf speakers that were imported from US. Condition: Never used. Original Wall Mounts with out box Reason for Sale: Thinking of a good stereo amp for now. These were bought for surrounds Item condition: 10/10 Expected Price: 12000 Recommended to demo it if you are in...
  3. R

    planning for new home theater setup for my newly constructing house

    Hi All, I am constructing the new house and planing to have dedicated home theater which are 11x11 size, need some suggestion on projectors,surround sound speakers, amplifiers, sound insulation mats and all for the above size. mostly i will watch movies & listen music with my family of 4...
  4. S

    Suggestion for all room music system for home

    Our new home is under construction. We are thinking about connected speakers in rooms. Music will be same on all rooms from a central control or music player. Major requirement is audio levels in each room can be controllable. Mainly volume, bass and treble. Each rooms there should be atleast 2...
  5. G

    bluetooth hardset

    Dear All, This is for may papa ,his is very aged I plan to buy a bluetooth headset ,My plan is to use same headset with sony bravia TV . Becoz PAPA need really loud volume and other are ok with normal volume .I need a audio bluetooth transmitter + bluethooth headset with volume control...
  6. V

    Good Quality Audio for Bedroom

    Hi Everyone I want to put up a good audio system for my bedroom. My budget is around Rs 1lac. the main usage will be to watch movies and to stream music through my phone. Two zone audio will be an added bonus. Guys please suggest a decent system and if possible where I can get a demo for the...
  7. G

    An affordable home theatre .

    hey guys , :cheers: I have just joined and am new to this . I just wanted to ask you expert guys for a setup of 5.1ch home theatre under Rs. 70k :licklips: Which speaker package and receiver do you prefer . I am in for custom building as well as getting a HTIB. I like the TAGA HARMONY...
  8. S

    Home Theater

    Hi Community, I am planning to open a hookah lounge. The space is 1000 sq ft. on 1st floor. I am looking for a home theater suitable for the lounge. Please advise good home theater for a lounge. My budget is INR 1,50,000 ~ 1,80,000 (USD 1800~2200).
  9. D

    Best speakers system

    I want to buy a component home theater system My main concern are the floor standing speakers I ve narrowed it down to Polk Audio RTiA7 Klipsch RF 52 Q Acoustics 2050i Jamo S626 Andrew Jones SP FS 52 (ive haerd they are great for the price) i ll probably use it 70 percent for music 30...
  10. R

    Home Audio System under INR 50K

    Hi All, I am looking for best sounding home audio system under INR 50k (Rs. 50,000). My requirements are such: 1) Room size : 20ft * 35ft 2) Music Preference : Mostly Indian music composers like A R Rahman 3) Should be able to connect using HDMI, Bluetooth, Wifi, Airplay 4) Suggest...
  11. P

    JBL Cinema BD100 Not recognising 3D TV

    Hello All, I recently purchased a JBL Cinema BD100 Home theatre system (Blu ray 3D). I also own a Samsung 3D Plasma TV (51 Inch) (Model PS51E550D1R). My Player is connected directly through the HDMI Cable(1.4V with Ethernet and 3D Support) to the TV. In that excitement of getting a new...
  12. H

    Onkyo TX-NR515 with JBL Cinema 300

    Hi All, I am totally new to this forum. So i am totally sorry if this is not the right section to post this query. Please move it to the appropriate section if so. I am planning to buy a 5.1 home audio system, budget - 50k (maxxxx) living room size - 18 (L) x 15 (W) Requirement - HD...
  13. SachinChavan

    Need holistic advice in building a component based complete digital home audio system

    Dear friends, I am a music lover in my late 30's. Till now I have been enjoying music on my desktop speakers Artis S700 (2004 vintage... good value) and creative Zen mp3 player with Brainwavz M3 (nice IEMs at 4K). I have an evergrowing personal collection of around 5000 tracks (FLAC or 320...