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home audio

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. P

    mission mcube+se 5.1 + Denonx250 BT

    Hello All, I want to purchase mission mcube+se 5.1 + Denonx250 BT any suggetions/Review. Thanks in advance. Regards, Pradeep
  2. S

    Finally a Dedicated Media Room

    Hello Guys, Its been 14 years since i got first interested in Home theater stuff. Finally for the first time i am able to setup a dedicated media room to enjoy movies, gaming etc. This is initial stage, so this could be a long thread in coming days. Want to share my journey with you all. So...
  3. Deerajgowda

    Experience of buying a Home Theatre setup for 1.5 Lakhs with the help of you Guys.

    Hey, I'm glad to have found this amazing community of Audiophiles thank you so much for helping out. Let me properly introduce myself to the community, I run a digital media marketing firm called Brewed Media (www.brewedmedia.in) you guys can visit the website and have a look at the intro...
  4. Michelangalo

    Barter Home theatre systems and individual items.

    Creating this thread for people who are interested in used products exchange. I have many gadgets lying around which I barely used and know many people would be in the same situation. It will be awesome if we can barter these gadgets for home theatre equipments. Product can be new, open box or...
  5. D

    Totally freaked about setting up a Home Theatre

    Hi all, I am looking into setting up a home theatre system for my living room, but don’t know where to start. I am from Bangalore and did go to ProFX where I was shown Denon x1600h + Polk TL1600 for 93k. Does this sound like a good offer? Are Polk TL1600 speakers good? If not, what are my...
  6. M

    Hometheatre plus stereo at ~60k

    Hello eveeybody, Need some help with selecting a good Amp and speakers. Details below. Really appreciate your time. Space: I live in an apartment with a huge hall which can be dividend into 4 squares. I am going to be using one corner (square) of it as my home theatre space. Each square is a...
  7. C

    Marantz SR 5012 vs 5013. What's the difference? Technology wise.

    If anyone could help me in ascertaining the difference between the two? It shall be very helpful.
  8. J

    For Sale Taga Platinum F60SL Floorstanding Speakers & C40PR SE Centre Channel Speaker

    Taga Platinum F60SL Floorstanding Speakers Age: About 10 months old Condition: 9/10 Functionality: 10/10 Original Packing: Not Available Expected Price: 29000/- Shipping & packing charges extra at actuals, please advise your exact shipping address so that can get the quote from the courier...
  9. N

    Replace front speakers with bigger speakers in 5.1 channel setup.

    Hello All, I have a F&D 5.1 channel setup. All the 5 speakers, (11W-4 Ohms each) are connected to the sub woofer. I want to replace the CENTER, FRONT-LEFT and FRONT-RIGHT speakers with bigger (higher power) speakers. Can you please give some inputs on the things like ...How to do this...
  10. B

    Onkyo S5805 or yamaha 2910 or Onkyo343+PolkRm6750

    I cant make a decision which one to choose among these. Their price are almost the same. Onkyo 5805 - support Atmos - AccuEQ - I heard it suck. Ypao is better Yamaha 2910 - Not support Atmos - YPAO Onkyo343 + polk 6750 -Speaker Polk (maybe better than speaker in HTiB) -Not...
  11. abhay2603

    ELAC vs Dali (Debut F5 vs Zensor 7) & (Debut B5/6 vs Zensor 1/3)

    So let me start off by asking my requirements : I want to create a good 5.1 system, but for the sake of this conversation i am not considering central speakers or sub-woofers. Because sub-woofer can be added later on depending on the demand. And as for central speaker, that will depend on which...
  12. A

    Guide for purchasing home theater

    I want to build my first home theater and I have no knowledge about hi-fi. my room size is 12*12 in which there is a bed 6*7 and the rest of area is for ht. i can't visit the store since i can't walk well after surgery. i can only audition them on the day when i'll be purchasing them. I live...
  13. R

    Allen smith Joy 5.1 is good speakers

    Hi All, I am very new to this, could you please suggest the speakers. Recently I got a deal Allen smith Joy 5.1 40k with center, tower 3 way (80 watts), rear and sub woofer(10 inch) speaker, all speaker does 5 inch drive. Is't good one? or any disadvantages are there? I'm planning to...
  14. C

    LG BH9530TWN (w/ BLURAY)

    Hi everyone! in advance Please excuse my English grammar, it aint that good. I just recently received my new hometheater system, Sony BDVN9100WB . But after I tried it and read some forums as well, I decided to return this immediately due to lack of DTS decoding abilities on the HDMI...
  15. C

    Review on Polk Surround Bar 3000 IHT

    I want to buy polk Surround Bar 3000 IHT,but in my city it is not there for audition.Do anybody here own the soundbar??What is overall performance of it?Any flaws?
  16. A

    Audisee now in Bangalore

    Hi everyone, It is my pleasure in introducing Audisee to HI-FI Vision. Audisee is Bringing World Class products like RBH, REL, Focal, Wolf Cinema, Cyrus Audio, Audiocontrol, Van del Hul to your home. We have products for every application, be it High fidelity & home cinema, compact & wireless...
  17. V

    Budget HT Less than 25k

    Hi Guys, A newbie to audiophile world. Want to buy a good HT Hall Size: 15 * 15 Music 75% Movie 25% Music mostly from Tata sky HD and little bit of carnatic music (My parents) Movies have a Sony Blu Ray player Budget around 25K location: Bangalore Went through couple of posts on...
  18. N

    HT for LED 42 with AV reciever

    i'm looking for a sound system with AV reciever.i have shortlisted the models onkyo avx-290,onkyo s5500,yamaha yht-196 and pioneer htp-071..but i'm also interested in Sony HT-SS380(no AV reciever)..i need good bass for music.i need 3D and bluray support too.can anyone suggest among these.thanks...
  19. saurabhpach

    Wanna buy a new AV reciever

    Hi guys, I used to have a Marantz SR5001 Av receiver for about last 5 yrs. It just packed up. I have a pair of JBL E90 floor standers and will be soon taking up a klipsch/BIC america sub. Please suggest which receiver should I go for. My uses are : Loud music (vol almost fully...
  20. T

    Cambridge Audio + BW Speakers

    <completely n00b question ahead> I am primarily going to listen to western classical music and after a few forum reads thought of purchasing : 1. BW speakers 2. Cambridge Audio - Amplifier - Receiver - Cables I want expert guidance on the following : 1. BW Speaker - which ones ...