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Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. O

    Looking for retail dealers of Denon, Taga, Polk in Mumbai

    I want to build a Home Theatre and looking for Denon X1600H, TAGA 606 SE or Polk Fusion T Series. If anyone knows the dealers around Mumbai please let me know. Any other suggestion in the same range is welcomed. Thanks for your time in advance.
  2. edjamesx

    Denon x3600H volume low ! Is this by design ?

    Have purchased Denon x3600H recently. Previously owned onkyo AVRs. With Denon x3600H , Observed the sound comes alive only when the volume is >50 db . < 50 db the volume is very less and could not hear the sound. I have ran audyssy too and tried. Tried all possible settings , turning off EQ ...
  3. W

    Home theater under 50k

    Hi, I am a newbie. I was interested in getting a good quality system. I have read about AV receivers and HTB. My usage is Netflix, Amazon Prime, USB, DTH , MUSIC apps for watching movies and enjoying music. Can I get Dolby Atmos, 4K, HDR setup in this price range? Plz suggest.
  4. D

    5.1 Home Theatre Setup for 20k

    Hi everyone..!! I was interested in upgrading my audio. I was thinking about Sony IV300 or the Sony HTR3 soundbar. After reading their reviews here, I guess I shouldn't go for it. But having such a tight budget constraint, I couldn't find any system that fits the budget. So if you have any...
  5. B

    Converting a small bedroom into a dedicated HT

    I'm converting a bedroom into a dedicated home theatre room. My room is 11ft x 14ft. I have a budget of 3.5-4L. i have narrowed down on the projector which is BenQ W1700 for which i have gotten a quote of Rs. 1.42 from a local dealer. The local dealer over here in Jaipur has given me the below...
  6. C

    Marantz SR 5012 vs 5013. What's the difference? Technology wise.

    If anyone could help me in ascertaining the difference between the two? It shall be very helpful.
  7. R

    For Sale Rigal RD602 DLP Mini 3D Projector 600ANSI Lumens Android WiFi Projector Active Shutter 3D Full HD 1080P

    Selling my 20 days Old DLP RIgal Projectors / Planing to upgrade Xgimi H2 Paid : 34000/- ( Android version ) Asking : 28000 All apps are working flawlessly like Jio Tv / Prime / Netflix / Jio Movies etc . Open to delivery pan India . Reffer Link for more detailed specs :- Projector System...
  8. N

    With my hurry decisions...Did I waste my money? or Did I waste the extra speakers?

    Hello all, I came to this group for a small suggestion that may cost around 3k. Earlier I never taught I would pour this much money into HT system. All the seniors here suggested to go for a step by step build. But I did not see its importance earlier. I bought a YHT196 package for 28K(with...
  9. N

    Want to build a 12" active sub under 10 to 15K

    Hello All, I want to build a 12 inch active sub to use with Yamaha YHT196. (Budget is 10 to 15K) Excluding wooden cabinets. Can you give suggestions on the below options please... OPTION1: A plate amp kit to add to my existing passive sub from YHT196 OPTION2: A good amp kit, and 12"...
  10. D

    Home theatre under 50000

    Hi, I am looking to buy a home theatre system for my home. I am not an audiophile and found out there are difference between HITB and getting all components separate (so you can guess how nave I am with this). Folks please advice me what is more advisable and suggest some good combinations...
  11. N

    Which is better? ADD 1 ACTIVE SUB or...a New 5.0 SPEAKER SET to my YHT196?

    Hi Guys, Which is a better option? 1. Add an active subwoofer (price around20k) to my existing YHT196 or 2. Replace all the speakers in YHT196 with something like TagaHarmony 5.0-CH Home Cinema Speaker Set. The reason I am asking is .... I am able to get an active sub, or TagaHarmony 5.0...
  12. N

    Yamaha yht196 performance rating

    Hi All, I have been using YHT196 for the last 6months. I feel the performance rating can be given as follows: Movies : 9/10 Music : 6/10 (Sub woofer is a bit week and passive one though..) I am strictly talking about systems in the price range of 22-24k Do you agree with me...
  13. A

    Importing used (unboxed) Speakers to india from ebay.com

    Recently i saw an ad on Ebay.com for used Yamaha NS b20 speakers they are in very good condition. however they are mentioned as used . i want those speakers badly.I found another ad which mentioned as "New other"(opened Box) they are available for importing into india. how can i get them...
  14. A

    Combining active & passive subs

    Hi guys. This is my first post here and I am looking for some guidance. Couple of years back I purchased a Yamaha YHT 196 5.1 HT package. It came with the HTR- 2064 AV receiver and NS- P20 speaker package. Now I am looking to upgrade the speakers as the stock speakers were never very exiting. I...
  15. A

    YHT 299 Setup

    Hi I just bought a Yamaha YHT-299 Home Theatre System from a fellow FM. Hopefully it should reach me by end of this month. I need help setting up this whole thing as am a Noob to the audio world and this is my very first expensive purchase on speakers or HT. I have already exceeded my budget...
  16. R

    New Home theater setup

    Hi Friends, I am looking up to setup a Home theater and looked at various AVR and speaker systems. I short listed following AVRs and Speaker systems based on my reading online. Also I will be open to explore others on your suggestions as I am fairly new to setting up them. Main usage: 70-80%...
  17. R

    My first HT.. Thinking of Pioneer Andrew Jones AJ-5235XT

    My room size is 21 by 17 Was thinking of buying Pioneer Andrew Jones AJ-5235XT, or suggest something better of similar price range. And which Receiver will be best for AJ-523XT? Thx
  18. N

    Speakers for my first ht

    Hi all My Room Size is like 10x12ft I have been auditioning speakers regularly and have shortlisted some. They are as follows: These are fronts and my budget is between 40k - 70k Monitor Audio BX5 ~ 70k (FS) Dali zensor 5 ~ 50k (FS) B&W 685 S2 ~ 60k (BS) Monitor Audio Bronze2 ~ 40k...
  19. H

    HT with a budget of 1.75 L (only the fronts & AVR)

    Hi guys. I started as an utterly confused soul eager to build a HT. Reading through this forum, research on google etc. confused me to the core. But at the same time the knowledge of the fellow FMs, detailed discussions on this forum and auditioning real time has helped me tremendously in...
  20. V

    First Home Theatre

    Hi, Pls help on my First HT setup. Budget 40K Yamaha YHT-299 Pioneer HTP323 5.1 DENON - AVR X500 AV RECEIVER + SYS 5.1 SPEAKERS I've auditioned the above models. Pls help me to pick any one of these brands Pls suggest which one is best or any other home theatre systems.