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home theater 1 lac

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. C

    My new 5.1.2 dolby atmos setup for around 1lakh

    hi, i am new to this forum,but have read and got many inputs through this forum.bought all the items except pioneer from USA through my friends.since i mainly wanted Sony speakers and receivers and it almost saved me around a lakh compared to equally specced models in India. sony dh...
  2. csricharan

    best home theater system under 1 lakh

    hello folks, need advice/suggestions for a friend of mine in bombay who is looking to buy a home theater system for around Rs1lakh. he had a look at the bose acoustimass 10 and wanted something that has comparable sound quality, compactness but for a slightly lesser price if possible. (ps: i...
  3. S

    Please suggested me a good home theater!!!

    Well i m new into this world ...but a great fan of listen music n watching movies ...looking for superior audio sound experience ... Budget upto 100000 rs ...any1 who tried dolby atmos home theater ...can u share ur thought ...onkyo home theater is available ...but read many negative feed back...
  4. A

    Need some insights in Sonodyne speakers

    Hey guys am planing to set up Home theater . when i went to the dealer he said that Sonodyne speakers and Velodyne Sub woofers are bang for the bucks. My question is that How well are they as compared to Wharfedale and Q acoustics ? The suggested Floorstanding- Sonus 2504V3.Centre-c2501 v3...
  5. S

    Stuck with color options in Wharfedale Speakers

    I shortlisted following for my 5.1 system 1. One Pair Wharfedale Diamond 10.6 floorstanding speakers 2. Wharfedale Diamond 10.CS centre speaker 3. Wharfedale Diamond 10.DFS rear surround speakers 4. Wharfedale Diamond SW-150 Subwoofer In market I have checked everywhere only color that...
  6. R

    My first HT.. Thinking of Pioneer Andrew Jones AJ-5235XT

    My room size is 21 by 17 Was thinking of buying Pioneer Andrew Jones AJ-5235XT, or suggest something better of similar price range. And which Receiver will be best for AJ-523XT? Thx
  7. B

    Need Suggestions for LED TV and Home Theater Set up with 1 Lakh Budget

    Hi All, I am planning to buy a new LED Tv 40 to 44 inch, and Home theater set up, Please suggest the best models for Tv and home theater with budget of around 1 lakh. Also please suggest any Dealers/Showrooms where i can get best deal in Bangalore Thanks In advance Regards
  8. N

    Suggestions for HomeTheater (Denon/ ELAC/ Sonodyne/ Chairs/ Console)

    Friends, Please suggest me if I am purchasing a good HT setup or not ? I was completely a newbie when it comes to HT technical jargons but, hifivision made me took interest in all this. Even now, I am not much into it but, atleast am aware about some brands & some keywords like Center/...
  9. N

    Home Theater Suggestion Needed

    Hi Guys i am new to this forum but have read quite a few threads on HMs. My Budget is around 100k including AVR. I have tried ONKYO, TRIANGLE, KLIPSH, QUADRAL and BOSE. I liked sounds of Onkyo and Bose. Klipsh and Quadral (FX Ent.) were way out of my budget but still i tried them so...
  10. R

    HT suggested by a local dealer, want ur opinion over it..

    Amp- poineer 523 (5.1) or poineer 923 (7.2) 36k / 50k Front - yamaha ns - 8390 22 k Surround - yamaha nsp - 60 or poinieer aj 5237zt. 14.5 k Sub - velodyne 24 k Total 96500 -10000...
  11. A

    Help need to build my first home theater

    I want to build my first home theatrt (5.1) slowly. Current budget is 1.3 lakh. Room size is very small (diagram attached) so decided to go with bookshelves. Researched a bit and planned to go with SVS PB-1000 sub and Denon x1100w receiver. However if the 4k upscaling feature is really great...
  12. E

    Help needed setup home theatre !plz

    hi all , its been a month , i have joined this forum and feels good knowing the brands never heard of ! i'm every found of music and movies , so for my new house under construction have decide to set up a home theatre with wooden flooring , my room size is approx 10*17 feet in dimensions and...
  13. forever.pramod

    HT within range of 1.2Lac

    My room size is of 10X12, I guess its in the small or medium category. And usage is 80% for music and 20%for movies. I have shortlisted YAMAHA RX-V477 / RX-V577 for my AV receiver and I like Klipsch and Polk speakers, but Klipsch is a little bit more costlier and not affordable to me. My whole...
  14. S

    Still confused: building home theater

    Guys I am very much confused in which combination to buy Today I have received my avr which is marantz sr5007 though out of my budget but I managed to grab a gud deal Now I have to build the speakers for the same. Initially I will just buy front speakers and will keep on adding other members...
  15. I

    5.1 Home theater needed for cousin : Budget 80k

    Hi everyone, My cousin is shifting in a new flat and he wants to add a 5.1 HT system to his 55" 3D LED TV. He already has a bluray player. So, basically all he needs are amp and speakers. The room is his living room of size 19' X 22'. The sitting position would be somewhere in the center of...
  16. T

    Need advice on buying a 5.1 Hometheater

    Hello all, I am a novice in this area. I am looking to buy a home theater to match with my new Samsung SMART LED 3D TV, WD TV live Hub, Sony PS3 & Blueray player, NFS storage etc. I am currently using my old Philips 5.1 DVD Hometheater system (which does not have any HDMI input). My basic...
  17. V

    5.1 system under 1 lac dilemma?

    Pl give feedback on my short list: 1.**DLS Flatbox Mini - Flatbox Slim Mini - wall speaker in black piano. 45K. 2.*Monitor Audio Vector - Vector | Products | Monitor Audio 3.*Focal Sib Co - Focal Sib & Co compact loudspeakers for Stereo Hifi et Home Theater (Sib & Sib XL). 60K. 4...
  18. V

    Home Theater Under 1 lac

    I am looking at buying a new home theater system for a 10ftx13ft TV lounge. I need 3D Blue Ray with Wifi/Apple TV connectivity. I was looking at buying the Violet3D system...but they still don't have HDMI! They say that will launch one in Dec and even I buy now...I just have to Buy the new...