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home theater 50k

Wharfedale EVO 4.1 4.2 Speakers
  1. vaibhav007

    Best 5.1 HTIB system package under ₹50,000 (strict budget)

    hello fellow forum members. kindly suggest me the options i am having under the budget. I am aware the budget is just not good enough still i hope it will be something. the reason I am buying HTIB is that i just don't have enough time to invest and also patience to buy few parts now and rest...
  2. Ispahir

    Please suggest a budget 5.1 Home Theater system

    Hello I am new to the world of Hi-Fi Systems and also to this community. I am planning to buy a Home Theater system under a budget of 50K. I had the demo of ONKYO HTS 3800 and YAMAHA YHT 1840. I am very confused to see what system I should go for. I am looking for suggestions to should I go for...
  3. debangshuk

    Entry Level Home Theater with Video Upscaling

    I am from Kolkata India. I am looking to buy a Home Theater which will upscale Video content from my Videocon D2h to HD Content (1080p - I dont have a 4k TV - I have Sony Bravia HD TV) and audio content to high quality (Dolby if possible). Can someone please suggest me an entry level HT which...
  4. Gamerps360

    "Looking for a Decent HTS 5.1 (4K), Have Onkyo HTS S3400"

    Dear All, It is an honor to be a part of this forum which has helped me in numerous ways to buy my HTS 4 years ago as well as my LED/Plasma TVs. But right now in the age of 4Ks & 4K 60Hz, 4K Streaming, 4K 3D.... I need a very good yet a reasonable AV Amplifier with a matching...
  5. S

    Home theater 5.1 system finalization ~50k

    Hi All I am now in Kochin and looking for a decent sound budget system,since computer audio systems fail to impress me anymore.My main need is for music which is encoded in 5.1 format(ac3).I will play them from computer and pass it on to receiver via HDMI, at times some computer games(FPS). I...
  6. S

    Best price for Yamaha YHT 299 in Bangalore?

    Best price for Yamaha YHT 299 in Bangalore?
  7. gauthamnaidu

    Pioneer RS 33

    Hello... i have been doing some research regarding this HT system...but since its a new launch i dont see many posts regarding this (infact i think im the only one posting about it :sad: ) so im trying to gather some support regarding the setup and tweaking of the same hope someone might...
  8. V

    Help me choose bet. Monitor Audio Vector 5.1 and PSB Alpha HT1 5.1?

    Pl Help me choose bet. Monitor Audio Vector 5.1 and PSB Alpha HT1 5.1? both are around 55k. Or shd I go for Focal Sib Co at 35k or Energy RC Micro at 40k or Elac Starlet at 50k? Klipsch Quintet 4 is available at 55k as well...what to do? Totally confused! Tx Vineet:o
  9. X

    Denon 1312+Polk Audio RM705 or Bose Cinemate

    Hi all, I am looking for a good home theatre system. The budget is max 60k. The size of the room is around 14 *11 feet. I love watching movies and listening to music. The usage pattern: I watch movies from laptop using HDMI port to connect to TV. I dont use DVD player and dont want to...
  10. S

    Get me some hlp here

    Hi All, This is Vikash from Mumbai and I have joined this forum today only (this being first post):). To be honest am total novice about HTiB. All i want is to have a decent good HTIB (excluding player). My budget is upto 35k expandable to 50k. My hall size is 20*20. Have just bought LG...