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home theater advice

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  1. S

    Please suggested me a good home theater!!!

    Well i m new into this world ...but a great fan of listen music n watching movies ...looking for superior audio sound experience ... Budget upto 100000 rs ...any1 who tried dolby atmos home theater ...can u share ur thought ...onkyo home theater is available ...but read many negative feed back...
  2. A

    HT : Bose or Something else ?

    Hi Fellow members, I'm a newbie on the forum and the topic of HT, with no knowledge at all on this topic, I need some help and guidance on what to buy. One of my friends has a Bose Sound touch 520 and I went to his place and fell in love with the experience. But the price is quite...
  3. E

    KEF vs B&W?

    Hi guys! Long time lurker, but am finally setting up my dedicated home theater. My room size is 25' X 15'. I have shortlisted 2 sets- 1. KEF Q900 + Q600c 2. B&W 683 S2 + HTM62 I'll be using the system 70% for TV shows, Hollywood movies, 20% for Bollywood movies and 10% for music...
  4. R

    Help needed for motorized ceiling mounted 110" screen

    Hi folks Just starting out with the whole HT setup process. Ht consists of the following so far Marantz 7008 amp PSB imagine T2 fronts PSB Imagine C center PSB Imagine Mini surrounds Panasonic 58" plasma monitor Panasonic ae8000 projector Room size 20x19 Viewing distance 17 feet...
  5. S

    Please suggest for new Home Theater setup

    Hi Folks, Please help me in making decision for new Home Theater for my new flat. I am basically looking for surround sound system (dolby 5.1). My usage is 60% movies (downloaded from piratebay, HD DTH) + 40 % music (mp3 downloaded from songs.pk). Right now I am having: 1) Sony Bravia EX 52...
  6. A

    Need help in buying a home theatre / speaker system under Rs. 10,000

    Hi, I want to buy a speaker system to connect to my Samsung 5 series 32" LED TV (bought in December 2012). Primary purpose: Movies (surround sound) and Gaming - PS3 I have a max. budget 10,000 I have currently connected a 2.1 speaker system (Altec Lansing) but the performance is not...
  7. A

    Audisee now in Bangalore

    Hi everyone, It is my pleasure in introducing Audisee to HI-FI Vision. Audisee is Bringing World Class products like RBH, REL, Focal, Wolf Cinema, Cyrus Audio, Audiocontrol, Van del Hul to your home. We have products for every application, be it High fidelity & home cinema, compact & wireless...
  8. vnmathur57

    Help required for TV,HT,STB,DVDP connection please!

    Dear friends, I have connected some recently bought equipments as following : DVDP to TV through Video cable( yellow), White & red hanging loose. DVDP to AVR through Bandridge C-axial TV earphone jack to Audio-in of AVR (Stereo-RCA cable) This was working fine while playing Audio or Video...
  9. A

    Which Home theater sstem is best?

    Hi All, Now I made my mind to replace my Philips HT. Need your suggestions in selecting a good HT. My living place is 180 sq.ft [20 ft TV viewing distance( Length) and 9 ft surrounding effect distance( Breadth)]. Since I have a full HD TV, I am looking for Full HD HT as well. It should...
  10. V

    5.1 system under 1 lac dilemma?

    Pl give feedback on my short list: 1.**DLS Flatbox Mini - Flatbox Slim Mini - wall speaker in black piano. 45K. 2.*Monitor Audio Vector - Vector | Products | Monitor Audio 3.*Focal Sib Co - Focal Sib & Co compact loudspeakers for Stereo Hifi et Home Theater (Sib & Sib XL). 60K. 4...
  11. G

    Need Home Theater setup guidance...

    Hi Team, This is my first ever post on this forum, need some help from audiophiles ... I'm looking for Home theater system may or may not be HTiB.. Connections to be made with it - to play Games (PS3) (50 % viewing) - Movies (WDTV) (40 % viewing) - Tata Sky HD + (10 % viewing) these...
  12. V

    Home Theater Under 1 lac

    I am looking at buying a new home theater system for a 10ftx13ft TV lounge. I need 3D Blue Ray with Wifi/Apple TV connectivity. I was looking at buying the Violet3D system...but they still don't have HDMI! They say that will launch one in Dec and even I buy now...I just have to Buy the new...
  13. Balaaji

    Onkyo HTS 3500 VS Denon DHT 1315BA

    Onkyo HTS 3500 VS Denon DHT 1513BA Hi All, Please suggest me which HTS is good. Onkyo 3500 or Denon DHT 1513BA? Is these two HTS are having DTS technology? Also give your valuable suggestions.. Plz.....:o:o
  14. V

    Need DVD/ Blu Ray Player with FM, Up-Scaling and External HDD Compatibility

    Hi, I am planning to buy a DVD/ Blu Ray Player with FM, Up-Scaling (as I have a huge collection of DVDs) and External HDD Compatibility (as I have a lot of Music/ Video files in my HDD)... Presently, I have a Samsung 32" LCD TV, and have an old Onida DVD Player with Intex 4.1 Multimedia...
  15. s2nseek

    HT Consultaion/Advice request

    Hi mighty forum, After 3 years of grueling search for a plot to build my dream hut, finally I was able to kick start on it couple of months back and the foundation work is complete. Currently wall work is in progress. The architect has allocated WxLxH 20'3"x18'6"x8'9" room. I know it is...
  16. Balaaji

    Need suggestions on tower speakers home theaters

    Hi all, I'm really eager to get a home theater with tower speakers. Need experts advise..... And my budget is 30k max. Plz suggest me.....
  17. Balaaji

    Price For ONKYO HTS 3400?

    Hi all, Im looking for Onkyo HTS 3400 and Pioneer RS 33. I want to know the pricing and dealers in Chennai. Kindly advise on me and suggest good delaers. Need experts advise......... I depend on this forum:p
  18. S

    Onkyo HT-S5400 -- Yes or No ???

    Hi Experts, I am looking to purchase Onkyo 5400 7.1 HT from Gurgaon. The price quoted by the dealer in MGF was Rs. 58000, although no negotiations have been done yet. First I checked out the HT-S3400, but after listening to the HT-S5400 it sounded ****. Also 5400 has some great features...
  19. L

    Planning to buy a Home theater...

    I am planning to buy a home theater. Onkyo, Yamaha and Denon are the brands I am thinking of. My budget is 30k to 40 k. Please help me find the best with in this range. I am also okay if there is any other brand ( But not sony, phillips n lg :cool:). Thanks in advance !
  20. B

    1.5 for 5.1?

    hey guys I have a Yamaha DSP A-1 amp and am currently looking for a home theatre system for the same. My budget is 1.5 lac for the speakers and sub. My ratio would probably be 60% movies 40% music. Therefore am looking for floor standing speakers for the front. What is the best i can...